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Short Story - Am I Craughing or craffing?!!! - Lalli


Mom… what’s your problem? I dunno when will it get over… once completed will inform you mom… stop worrying mom Rahini will come earlier if I am not…. bye mom…me started…”

As I started for interview my mom was worrying to be alone in room since she had come here for only 10 days leave. So she was asking me to come earlier. But I was not in the position to explain her patiently. I got one track mind about this interview. Nothing else in my mind. I needed a better job than my current job. My life was same for the past 3 years. I didn’t have any growth in financial wise. In my home we even started searching alliance for my sister. So I needed this job for sure. It was a project level interview. Since my technical level was already got completed I was in hope that surely I will get this offer.

I was wearing my dark green color anarkali top which was having 3/4th netted black sleeve and wearing matching black legging. My mistake was I had a head bath that day. My hair was little messy could not able to control it. So I just let my shiny lengthy browny hair untidy. My shampoo and hair serum was smelling great together more than my perfume. I didn’t have time to tie it up properly. I didn’t care about it. Because interview place was too away from my place. So I Didn’t give much importance to my appearance. Even I forgot to keep bindi. Time was already 10.30 they asked me to be there by 12.45.

Finally said bye to mom and started to bus stop which was just a stone’s throw from my room. While I was walking itself noticed that one bus was already in stop. I started running to catch that bus because it was white board. Thankfully I boarded into that. Once I took my seat just pinged to my friend karthi that “I started to interview tell others that will come late and don’t say anything about this interview.” She said “ok di... No problem. You do well... will see you in office... bye “...

I picked my headset and started listening to “maruvaarthai pesathe” song in loop.The bus travel in Chennai is a big headache. It had been long time since I travelled in bus. Already I was in second bus after this needed to take another bus. “Omg. How irritating it is. Now my hair is full of knots. As time passed it started sweating. Felt no use in my bath. Was feeling thirsty and hungry. Better I could have boarded into ac bus. Was seeing others wondering how they are going to office daily in this way. I could not even imagine that. I Started thinking if I got this offer shall I buy a new scotty or shall I ask for cab?” This was only going in my mind. Because bus travel was that much hectic.

Oops…Finally reached the company by 11.45 itself and dialed Prakash number whom I was supposed to meet there. He picked my call after few rings.

“Hi...Prakash here.”

“Hi… good morning… this is Lalitha… came for an interview…”

“Oh yeah Lalitha tell me … where are you now… did you reach?”

“Yes… I am in front of gate 1.”

“Ok then come to gate 3 and call me again.”

“Ok bye.”

Asked security who was in gate 1 “where is gate3?”.

“It’s behind so go directly and take right” – security.

“Ok thank you…”

I was looking for right cut which he told but it was not visible to me… Trying again saw one office bus which was taking right cut after 1km. “shit… it’s ridiculous…Omg… in this summer they are making me to walk this much far... already I reached here from 15km away. It’s disgusting should I attend this interview for sure? or am I taking wrong route?” – it was irritating. Immediately I Called my friend who is working there. She also said “yeah…you need to walk for more than one km. you go and wait there. I will see you once I reached.”

Bullshit…But I needed this offer at least to put paper and try some other company by having this one as everyone in IT does. So I decided not to go back. After 20 mins walk I reached gate 3… took my phone out from my hand bag and Called him to inform that I reached gate 3.  ”Okay… go to reception and wait there… will ask someone to escort you” - he said.

As soon as I entered into reception, was searching for the rest room to comb my hair first and then do face wash because I was looking like the person who came out of the roller coaster ride. Appearance is not important to show your talent but it matters anyway. First impression need not to be best but should not be worst. After washing my face I felt fresh…My kajal and mascara added beauty to my look. Came out and was standing in reception hall for more than 1hr coz all seats were occupied. As time passed my temper was going out of control.

I thought if I complete this earlier I can go to my office at least by lunch. But now that’s not possible. Time was already 1pm. Whoever comes to escort me I just wanted to scold him like anything. I wanted to get back at escort for making me to wait so longer. I have never ever waited like this for anyone in my life. My BP was raising. I was pissed off. Wanted to shout like “who the hell the escort is?”. My phone was ringing finally.

“Hello… Lalitha?”


  • boss first :hatsoff: to you. 4 stories from you.. awesome. but enga aalu kanama poiteenga.. come on boss :clap: we are also waiting for your story :grin: very happy to hear such a supportive and good feedback from you :thnkx:
  • Awesome story lalitha.. (y) wonderful narrating :hatsoff: interview la tea coffee kuda kuduka matranga ungaluku food lam. Ena kavanipu :clap:. Eagerly waiting for your nxt story
  • Great story narrating skill lalli (y) I didn't feel like I am studying story in a website. I just felt like someone is sitting in front of me and sharing the interview experience face to face interestingly. :clap: <br />Not at all look like it's your first story. Long way to go. :GL: <br />Looking forward for your next story. Expectation reached to next level. <br />Congrats champ and thanks for this lovely story :clap:
  • :clap: :clap: super & lively narration ma'am... Yes, ball is in our court and adhai rombha azhaga solli irukinga. Every dialog had its own flvr sply the mind voice :D Apro andha selfdappa :P <br /><br />"Nothing is wrong speaking your mind but not all the time"...that's the catch. :hatsoff: 100% true nice dat u stated it ma'am. <br /><br />We wil be in cloud nine if the interviews r so informal with 100's of ppl attending the interview we can never expect things to be in our comfortzone :yes: Lalli seems to be practical & smart but konjam over expectations pa facepalm <br /><br />Anda live interview was another cute part of the story coz most of the time interview-la acting panuradhey velaya irukkume idhu nala tech-ah irukk yikes & Finally frnds naduvula vara ella convo-um cute...markama andha Suji & lali combo, avaru selfie-k vangura bulb :lol: <br /><br /> :cool: :thnkx: for this cute story.<br /><br />Looking forward for more of ur stories here.... :GL: keep rocking.
  • Nice story..clap: .I love the way of your narrating... :GL: and i wish to attend one interview like this :lol:keep rocking (y) waiting for next one :grin:
  • Lawn interview semma :clap: . Namaku matum apdi onum nadaka matrathe :Q: .. finally you are craffing... Way of writing is toooo good.<br />keep narrating good stories..... go ahead :GL:

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