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What the hell is happening? I slipped my mind. For this only I got excited this much. I was really feeling blue. I wanted to shake a leg and didn’t have the guts to be there anymore. I just hit the road after saying him “bye. Had a good time. Need to go”.

Oh god! What a bummer! Am I an airhead? I thought it’s just a crush. But when I was going to my office in bus started crying. I still dunno why. But I can’t take this situation as it is. I know it may look childish. More than everything I felt something special between us. I felt I knew him for long time and felt we were together may be as a friend or something else. It didn’t take long time to us to get around well. All these were only in my thought? I don’t want to know that but I liked to be with him. It’s horrible!

As soon as I entered into ODC I asked karthi to come out. She was expecting that I am going to tell about interview but I just hugged her and started crying. She did not know what to do because she didn’t know what happened to me. She may think that I didn’t get selected so that I am crying. She asked me “just tell what happened. Don’t cry like this. What the hell happened to you. See I am asking for past 5 minutes. You just keep crying. Can you take me through it.” I just said “I got selected” then she said “okay got it. We need to split now. For this you are crying this much... It’s okay di. Don’t worry… we will meet every weekend ok?”

I was not controlling my laugh now because I didn’t expect that she will think in this way. She was staring at me with the confusion. Then I told her what and all happened from scratch. She said “Adipavi. So you didn’t cry for me. You idiot…….” We both started laughing. Days passed. I am not an old worrywart. I stopped myself from crying over spilled milk but I often used to see his pic which we took in café and looked back on it. I got that pic from manju that day night itself. I would have at least asked him to share a pic which we took last.

It’s my first day to my new office. I was getting ready and was praying god that all should go well. As I closed my eyes that whole day was flashed in a sec from soup to nuts. I was sure that when I go to my new office the reception hall the café and lawn all these will give his memory every day. How I am going to overcome this. I should wipe the slate clean. Beep! When I was about to leave my room I got a message from an unknown number out of nowhere. seeing that message I was walking on air.

“Hi… all the best for your first day. Sujith here”  

Now ball’s in your court……………………………..


Hi all… it’s my first short story... I used to write my diary on daily basis. But have not tried in story narrating. There may be some mistakes. Kindly let me know everything. I am waiting for your value-able feedback. It’s just a try only. Going forward will try in every style of writing with different concepts... Thanks for your time with me and my story. Thanks for CHILLZEE. You keep rocking.



  • boss first :hatsoff: to you. 4 stories from you.. awesome. but enga aalu kanama poiteenga.. come on boss :clap: we are also waiting for your story :grin: very happy to hear such a supportive and good feedback from you :thnkx:
  • Awesome story lalitha.. (y) wonderful narrating :hatsoff: interview la tea coffee kuda kuduka matranga ungaluku food lam. Ena kavanipu :clap:. Eagerly waiting for your nxt story
  • Great story narrating skill lalli (y) I didn't feel like I am studying story in a website. I just felt like someone is sitting in front of me and sharing the interview experience face to face interestingly. :clap: <br />Not at all look like it's your first story. Long way to go. :GL: <br />Looking forward for your next story. Expectation reached to next level. <br />Congrats champ and thanks for this lovely story :clap:
  • :clap: :clap: super & lively narration ma'am... Yes, ball is in our court and adhai rombha azhaga solli irukinga. Every dialog had its own flvr sply the mind voice :D Apro andha selfdappa :P <br /><br />"Nothing is wrong speaking your mind but not all the time"...that's the catch. :hatsoff: 100% true nice dat u stated it ma'am. <br /><br />We wil be in cloud nine if the interviews r so informal with 100's of ppl attending the interview we can never expect things to be in our comfortzone :yes: Lalli seems to be practical & smart but konjam over expectations pa facepalm <br /><br />Anda live interview was another cute part of the story coz most of the time interview-la acting panuradhey velaya irukkume idhu nala tech-ah irukk yikes & Finally frnds naduvula vara ella convo-um cute...markama andha Suji & lali combo, avaru selfie-k vangura bulb :lol: <br /><br /> :cool: :thnkx: for this cute story.<br /><br />Looking forward for more of ur stories here.... :GL: keep rocking.
  • Nice story..clap: .I love the way of your narrating... :GL: and i wish to attend one interview like this :lol:keep rocking (y) waiting for next one :grin:
  • Lawn interview semma :clap: . Namaku matum apdi onum nadaka matrathe :Q: .. finally you are craffing... Way of writing is toooo good.<br />keep narrating good stories..... go ahead :GL:

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