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Short Story - The stick has two ends - RaVai


The old man was praying aloud to God, "Oh my Lord! When is my Day of Delivery? How soon? The suspense is tormenting! Please tell me when is my D-day?"

From the kitchen, the laughing sound of the house-lady was heard by the old man and he was curious to know the reason for her laughter.

"Uncle! Lunch is ready! Please come!"

"Geetha! First tell me why did you laugh at my prayer?"

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"No no, Uncle! I didn't laugh at your prayer, Suddenly I remembered one joke of a cine comedian, which was hilarious and uncontrollably laughed. Please come for lunch."

"No, you are bluffing, I know you laughed only at my prayer. Please..."

" No, believe me, please."

The old man waited for his son and at last when he landed, "my son! Your wife today laughed while I prayed and I am sure it was only at my prayer. I prayed aloud and on hearing that, she must have uncontrollably laughed. But she refuses to reveal the reason. I am tensed, my mind is so keen to know the reason, it may burst if not known soon, please......"

"Daddy! Give me some time. Meanwhile, you go out for a walk and return. O.k.?"

The old man went out. He couldn't divert his mind to anything else. Repeatedly, the same teasing query made him almost mad and frenzy!

Consequently, he cut short his walking time and dashed back home!

As he entered the house, he heard the giggling sound of both his son and his wife.

The old man became furious and shouted at them. " stop this crackle and irritating giggle!"

Immediately both stopped their laughter and exchanged looks at each other and smiled. They could easily surmise the reason for the old man's outburst!

"Geetha! Dad is becoming more and more tense and agitated. Unless you tell him the reason for your laughter, he will lose his balance. Tell him."

She went into the kitchen and brought a cup of buttermilk, and offered it to the old man.

"No, I wouldn't touch it, unless you tell me the reason....."

" this time, surely I shall tell you. But before that, take a sip of this drink to soothen your hypertension. Please!"

" will you surely tell me......?"

" don't cry like a child, Uncle! I wouldn't disappoint you. Come on! Take a sip!"

The old man took the cup of buttermilk which was full upto the brim and had a sip, looked up at Geetha, had another sip, and waited for her to speak.

"Uncle! The cup which was full upto the brim when I gave you, has now become a little less. Agreed?"

" Yes!"

" first, the cup was full with buttermilk, after two sips, it is not full, a little emptiness is there, is it not? Just like this the more the buttermilk is consumed, the emptiness increases and the content decreases! Fine, similarly from the time we are born, the length of life is automatically and steadily reduced in proportion to the days passed. As you live, you also lose a part of your life. They co-exist! Just like a stick or a pole has two ends, life too has birth at one end and death at the other. They are not separable. They go together. ......."

"I completely agree with you, Geetha! But what has this to do with my prayer?"

" now that you agree life and death are always together, are two ends of a stick, inseparable, why did you ask God as to when He will send your Release or Delivery or Death, as though it is making a steep dive from the high sky all of a sudden?

You need not waste your time asking God to release Your Death because it is not in His hands. It is in yours, Uncle!"

The old man became too small before the wise youngster and got real relief!


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  • Thatha Ji ninga too small aga feel panadhinga :no: sometimes life's emptiness might make us feel low like how Ravai sir expressed in "the stick has two ends" :cool: Nice story sir :clap: :clap: I agree to Geetha's words but how is thatha ji's death in his hand :Q: <br /><br />thank you and keep rocking.

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