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Short Story - Sound investment - RaVai


From the village of Maraiyur, the landlord Mariappan has arrived in the city of Chennai, with a lorry-load of money!

He is fed up with the unending hazaards faced as an agriculturist due to draught, unfair procurement price, land legislation and labour problem.

His educated son, Boodhalingam, living abroad, suggested urban investments which would easily yield several times the profit earned as an agriculturist!

Being an illiterate person, Mariappan accepted his son's suggestion and consulted his nephew Mani, living in Chennai. As advised by him, Mariappan landed in the heavily- congested, city of Chennai.

Looking at the multi-storied buildings all over, the criss- cross fly-overs on the highway, the fast-moving metro train, the heavy traffic, Mariappan wondered whether these are all human creations or God's! 

His wife is a typical rural woman. She is quite happy at the village with her cattle, farm, garden, temple and the rivulet!

His nephew has got ready a rented bungalow for Mariappan at Adyar, a cook, a car with driver, a personal assistant and an Accountant.

 On landing, Mariappan looked at all the arrangements, felt pleased, and jocularly told his nephew, Mani, " aey! I have come here to earn and not to spend!"

 " uncle! Before seriously entering into the arena of business, enjoy the new atmosphere for a week and slowly settle down. Let me assure you, all the money you spend now is a pittance before the ton of money, you will be earning thereafter!"

 Accompanied by his personal assistant and Accountant, Mariappan visited Marina beach, High Court, Assembly Hall, a few temples, film shootings, cinema theatres, and a share market exchange!

 He slowly and steadily developed a liking for the urban life and felt his wife, who had never ever stirred out of the rural part, should also experience the luxuries of the new life.

 Next morning, he left the city by road and reached his village by noon. For about an hour, he narrated in great detail, all that he saw, experienced and enjoyed in the city and pleaded with her to leave the village once and for all and join him in the city.

 "May be, you were not happy living here, but I am supremely happy here. I have no grievances, no wants, no disappointments, no greed, and no desire for luxuries. I am quite happy here with my cattle, garden, innocent neighbours, small house, and simple living! 

 If you are enamoured of the city life, by all means, go ahead and enjoy! Remain there as long as you wish, if you feel like, you may have a concubine over there. You still have lot of energy left in you, I know............"

 Mariappan felt bad when she said that and in a huff, immediately returned to the city.

 His assistant and Accountant in their ingenious ways, tried to bring their boss to normal, if not happy, mood.

 Mariappan was introduced to chinese dishes, film music, modern movies, and the like. The enormous pull of these captivating forces not only changed Mariappan's mood but also slowly made him succumb to those pleasures.

 A phone call from his son abroad, brought him back to the purpose for which he had come to the city.

 Next day, he was taken to a regular financier, lending money to film producers in crores of rupees.

 " How much money do you have, how much you like to invest and what is the return you expect?"

 Mariappan was sceptical to reveal to a stranger, speaking rather haughtily, the factual position.

 " look! All my possessions are vast agricultural land, in my village. You know, of late, the return we get from the land produce is depleting. Someone suggested selling the landed property and investing the money otherwise. It is for you to advise and guide me how much do I need for large scale investment and what would be the return I can expect."

The financier understood the villager trying to be smart.

" sir! I deal with money-lending to film producers in crores of rupees, for a short term period at exorbitant rate of interest. Because the borrowers are in dire need of money to escape from very heavy loss otherwise, they pay the high interest. Of course, in turn, they get back much more when their movies run house-full in theatres..... That's all I know!

 Since you have been brought to me by one of my friends, I shall definitely help you when you come back to me with crores of rupees. If you are afraid of lending money to others, I shall take it from you at nominal interest of ten per cent. O.K.?"

 Mariappan felt confused and consulted his nephew as to how to go about the investment.

 " Uncle! First send away every one around you for a couple of hours. We need privacy!"

 Cook, servant, assistant and Accountant were all sent out for half a day.

 " Uncle! How much money do you have? Do you keep it in currency or at the bank?"


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