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Short Story - Miss You - Adharv

Miss You

Jan 19th 2016 @ Chennai International Airport

Jeevan, stop staring at me and say something. Am tensed!! Wish mom and dad accompanied me but can’t see them sobbing and also it will be hard for them to return home once I leave…

Vids, stop cribbing ya….

Pch…struggled enough to make this day happen, Jeev. Leaving everyone & India ………..Not sure if I have taken the right decision… I want this opportunity for exposure, money, weightage to CV, make our family proud…but can’t imagine days without you..

C’mon Vids, don’t behave like a kid.. You deserve it. It’s just 282 days!!

Ouch……not just 282……..It’s 2…………8………..2 days

Pls stop sulking Vids. Once I get the Visa approved I will be flying to Indianapolis and we will definitely meet and party around..  

Hmm..Jeevan, I will pray for your visa approval and look forward for you. I am feeling so blank, Jeev.

Hey mental, stop crying!! I am always there for you.. Enjoy your stay, eat well, take care of your health..I will definitely come to US at least to kiss you Vids….hahhah.


Vids, C’Mon…please smile... We just have 5 minutes, Vidya.

Jeevan, feel like holding your hands like this forever. Wish the flight is delayed.

Ahem, Ahem!! Vidya, don’t be crazy. Look here…You need to be bold. See the doors are open; after check-in keep the passport in your handbag, don’t keep blinking like a kid, be alert. C’Mon give me a hug & keep smiling!!

Bye…Love you Jeevan.

Hello Friends, wondering who these love birds are???

Oh you didn’t??

I hear yes and no. For the once you want to know who they are….

Vidya and Jeevan are from Thiruvanthapuram district. Jeevan relocated to Chennai when he was in class 12, due to his dad’s business requirement. These two love birds are Chuddi buddies, I mean childhood friends.

Vidya is a senior auditor at one of the US based audit firm @ Chennai. Jeevan work for an IT company…I don’t recall the names of the organisations, guys. I know self intro would have been good but they are too busy with their onsite opportunities. As you see Auditor Vidya is all set to fly to Chicago and Jeevan waiting for his visa approval…Looks like there is a love track running between them. No gossips!!

By the way forgot to introduce myself.. I am the writer sorry narrator Nah these terms are really high…for now I am just Adharvjo. I want to tell more about me but my flight is ready for departure. Going for world trip….wish I could say this but nah its just north India trip.. I will join you soon but now you can join Jeevan and Vidya….        

Jan 20th 2016

Jeeva, I have reached Chicago. Nafrin from CBR process is my roommate. My cousin came to meet me. Planned to spend the weekend with her. Spoke to dad and mom. Yet to buy the calling card (searching for the economical one hahah)…You know Jeevan, weather is awesome here. I was thrilled to walk in the mild snowfall; my eyes go blue walking in minus degree. Jeevan, wish you were here to hold my hands. I want to play with chikku in the snow.

Pizzas here are so cheesy & yummy…Your mouth is watering na haha…I will feed you once you’re here.… Let me know how I look in these pics! Missing YOU all !! Will talk to you soon. Take care. Love you, Jeev.

Feb 14th 2016

Happy Valentine ’s Day. LOVE YOU, Jeev!!

Thanks vids…Hope you got adjusted to the weather and your ears and nose are not bleeding anymore!!

Yes, donkey. I am doing great but feeling home sick. Miss you Jeevan.

I miss you too, vids.

I know you won’t miss me. See you didn’t even wish.

O’Y.. who want the wishes give me a gift and I shall also…..

Jeevan, I will call you later…

Vids, So you don’t need my gift??

I know you won’t give anything stingy fellow…Jeevan, my manager is calling I need to go.

Hey wait my RFE is approved. My Visa might also get approved anytime.


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