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Solve Mysteries - The flag stealer - Shini


In a small town named ‘Mystery City’ there lived a little girl named Solve. She considered herself a little detective.

Just as her name meant she feels that she can crack any kind of problems and can solve any case and catch any villain.

Once there was a serious problem in the town. Someone was stealing FLAGS!!!

Many houses and buildings in the city had decorative flags and someone is stealing those flags!

The whole town was upset about it.

There were no clues present and no one could find out why someone should steal flags.

This case stumped Solve! She said to herself this case is not going to be easy.

She went to library and kept on thinking about the case. Suddenly something got her attention. The library had three flags. But none of them were stolen.

She took out her notebook and wrote it down.

Did not take three flags from library?

She took her bicycle and went to other places. She made notes about the stolen flags and the flags that are still present.

Two flags from Mr.George’s house were stolen.

Four flags from Miss.Susie’s house were stolen.

Two flags from Mrs.Franks’s house were stolen.

One flag from Mr.Peter’s house is still present.

Two flags from my friend Daisy’s house are still present.

Three flags from my friend Connor’s house are still present.

That doesn’t make any sense she thought to herself!

After making all the notes she went home. She was very hungry.

'Even' Steven
'Even' Steven

In her home, her big brother Joshua asked if she would like to have some pancakes. Solve said,

“Yes I want four pancakes”

Joshua prepared pancakes and gave it to his sister. But he had prepared only three of them.

“Joshua I asked for four and you gave me only three…” shrieked Solve.

“Oh! You asked for even number of pancakes and I gave you odd number!” said Joshua.

Suddenly Solve got an idea. She ran and checked her notes.

The flags stolen were 2 and 4.

The flags that are still present are 3, 1, 2 and 3.

The person who steals the flags like EVEN numbers.

Now she knew where the thief is going to strike again. It’s her friend Daisy’s house. Daisy has two flags in her house.

So she rushed to Daisy’s house and told her about her findings. The friends called their other friends and waited for the stealer.

After a few minutes, as expected the stealer showed up. He was none other than ‘Even’ Steven.

The children caught him red handed when he tried to remove the flags from Daisy’s house.

‘Even’ Steven was unhappy but gave back all the flags.

Everyone in the town was happy again!

Solve once again proved that she is an expert DETECTIVE!



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