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The dragon who could not breathe fire - Chitra


Once upon a time in a forest lived a baby dragon named Draco with its mama and papa dragon.

This baby dragon made friends with a small boy from the neighborhood village.

Everyday both of them would meet and talk endlessly of things of interest in their lives.

One day the small boy brought two large Choco dip vanilla ice-creams for them to eat.

The dragon tasted the ice cream and liked it very much, it quickly devoured the whole thing.

Every day the dragon asked the boy for that tasty ice-cream and the boy would also bring him one every day.

After a month or so one day the dragon while sitting in their living room with his parents playfully tried to blow fire,

Alas he could not do so, only air came out of his mouth.

The dragon was nearly reduced to tears, then the mama dragon said not to worry and set about a series of questions to nail the situation.

In the course off which she found out about the ice creams and asked the baby not to eat anymore if he wants his fire blowing glands dry.

So our baby dragon stopped eating those ice-creams and soon came to blow a long chute of fire.

Moral…..ice creams every day is not good for even the dragons

Oh no kitties

It is just that we should all stick to our habitat and habits for a healthy and normal life.



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