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Maalai Mayangugira Neram 


Maalai mayangugira neram is a typical Ramani Chandran story :)

The plot:

The story is about Udhaya Rekha, a bubbly and smart young girl. She is a darling of her family. One day she meets Gandhimathi, an elderly lady. She comes to know that Gandhimathi has a son named Krishnan Chandran who seems to have turned bad off late. Udhaya Rekha is very much attached to Gandhimathi and her daughter Vasumathy. So she tries to persuade Krishna Chandran to give up bad habits and become a good son and brother. But Krishna Chandran rebukes her.

But Udhaya Rekha is not willing to take no as an answer and hence she dupes her family and Krishna Chandran's family which leads to her marriage with Krishna Chandran. He tries to get away from the marriage but Udhaya Rekha is not willing to leave him so easily.

After marriage Udhaya Rekha tries to reform Krishna Chandran but with no result. She is confused about the root cause for his behavior. But because of her nature, she tries hard to find the real reason for Krishnan Chandran's change in character.

Will she succeed in finding it? Will Krishna Chandran accept her as his true wife?

Read the story and find yourself the answer.

A real classic Ramani Chandran story. Must read for the lively humorous lines and the romantic theme. Must read for all romantic and family story lovers.


Checkout the story in the following links.

Link 1


Have you read the story?

If yes, please do comment so that new readers can know more about this book!


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# maalai mayangugura neramvanithagunasekaran 2014-08-10 17:48
how to read the novel
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# enakagave neerameshpriya 2013-01-24 15:30
superb story
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+2 # RE: Ramani Chandran - Maalai Mayangugira neram - UpdatedPadmasri 2012-11-30 16:23
Really a fantastic novel.. :-) agmark romantic novel with twists.. coz of tht i cried too :cry: .. but the story ended with the note tht they lived happily ever after... :lol:
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