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G & J
G & J

Kids Fantasy Series - G & J - 09 - Shini

After, Jess and Jamie were woken up and taken away from the bizarre world of Nuno.


The group traveled to the Blob world with Joy's transportation skills.


When they arrived there, the group looked around and saw that they were surrounded by slimy grotesque creatures. They had a confused look on their faces.


"Well, don't just stand there. Come on," exclaimed an annoyed Joy.


The group started to walk through the streets of the Blob world.


As the Blobs noticed them, they turned their heads and started talking to one and another.


Grace being the curious girl she was wondered why the Blobs were staring at them and whispering.


Joy knocking Grace out of her thoughts says "They're staring at you because they have never seen humans before and also almost everyone's heard about you coming to save us from the monsters."


"Oh I also have a question," exclaimed a scared Grace.


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