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Kids Fantasy Series - G & J - 08 - Shini

Story so far:


Grace (G) and Jess (J) are siblings. Their father, a firefighter, got injured while rescuing people from a fire incident. Their mother, Rachael is struggling to meet the ends.


One day, a talking squirrel and a talking beaver named Joy and Jamey visit their home. The rodents tell them that Grace and Jess are the chosen kids to save their animals’ world named Arion from the monsters called Typhonions. A confused Rachael doesn’t believe any of those and sends the rodents packing.


But Joy and Jamey meet Grace and Jess in private. The rodents promise that they will take care of the treatment of their father if the kids accept to accompany them to save Arion. Grace and Jess accept the offer.


The next day, a mysterious old man visits their home and promises to take care of all the medical expenses. Grace and Jess understand that this is the act of Joy and Jamey.


So, to keep up their side of the bargain, the kids accompany the rodents to Arion. They travel via a small pen called peTraPort.


Grace and Jess are welcomed wholeheartedly by the animals in Arion. They also meet Sorcerer Joan, a shrew. Joan asks the kids to relax for a couple of days before they start the mission of destroying the Typhonions!


So they travel to Nuno the baby humans’ world.

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