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G & J
G & J

"Of course you do" Joy said.


"How many worlds are there? When I asked this in my home, you talked about three worlds. Now you say there is a blob world too. Totally how many worlds are there?"


"Well I don't know that on the top of my head. But I'd say there are about 150 worlds and that’s not including your world. Since your world is still a mystery to most creatures."


Grace was shocked to hear about this many worlds.


"Wow that’s a lot of worlds! So where are we going now?"


"Now we are going to go see the wise old blob he should have the answers we are looking for."


"Are you sure? I mean, the lake of knowledge couldn't give the answers we wanted. Could the old blob have the answers?” asked Grace.


"Well, since the Lake couldn't help us, our last hope is the wise old blob. If he doesn't have the answers we're looking for, then we might be in trouble. But let’s think positively.”


Before Grace knew it, they had reached the front of a huge seashell with a small door. She knew she would barely fit through the door.


As the group entered the Seashell

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