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Kids Fantasy Series - G & J - 04 - Shini


Grace was obviously startled to hear the voice from nowhere.

But the summary of what the voice said made her to look for the source of the voice.

“Here, here miss G! Please look up” said the voice.

Grace looked up and was surprised to see the squirrel sitting on top of the old and discolored closet.

“What are you doing here?” commanded Grace.

“Oh! Please be cool Miss Grace. I was just hanging around to see if I can somehow persuade you to come with us and save our world”

“Do you really think we can save your world? We are kids! Very young kids” said Jess in disbelief.

“But that’s what the legend says as per our sorcerer Joan. You both are our only option to escape from the monsters”

“But you see…. argg… what’s your name? Sorry I forgot it”

“No problems Miss G. I am Joy!”

“Oh yes! Ms Joy, I don’t know how or what your sorcerer knows about us. But we are kids… very, very normal kids…! We don’t even know Karate or Taek-won-do”

“That’s weird! Who are they?”

Grace and Jess started giggling!

Grace somehow managed to stop it and said,

“Those are names of martial arts Ms Joy!”

“Oh! Wonderful! See, I have already learned something new from you! K-A-A-R-A-A-D-E and T-A-L-K-W-O-N-D-O-O”

“O-O-O-O” screamed the siblings just like the squirrel.

“See Ms G and Mr J we can have lots of fun together!”

“Can you please call me Grace or just G?” asked Grace.

“And me J?” added Jess.

“No Ms G and Mr J. You both are special 'chosen people', and we are expected to give respect”

“Really! So, will you do anything for us?”

“Yes Ms G. Please ask me and I will do it for you”

“Oh! Can you get me a big cup of ice cream?”

“Sure I can!”

“A flying star?” asked Jess

“Yes, Mr J” said the squirrel politely.

“Are you kidding me?”

“No Ms. G. As I said, my people are in grave danger. You are our last hope. I will even give my life for you… if only you both could come with me to our world…”

Being kids, Grace and Jess were taken aback to hear that.

“I am sorry Ms Joy” said Grace in a soft voice.

“Me too” added Jess.

“It’s fine Ms G and Mr J. Will you both come with me?”

“We wish we can Ms Joy. But we can leave our mother all alone. She works, cares for us and also takes care of our dad”

“Do you think I can help there Ms G?”

“Yes! If you can help to give better treatment for our dad it will be wonderful.”

“Will it persuade you both to come with me?”

“Oh! Yes, if you can also help my mother with some money, so that she can stay next to my dad instead of working and worrying about us all.”

“I guess I can do that too!”

Jess hugged the squirrel!

“Dear Ms Joy, you are fantastic!”

For a moment the rodent was speechless by his action.

“Mr Jess, I see how much you love your parents. And you too Ms Grace. So If I can make arrangements that will keep them properly cared for, would you both come with me?”

“Yes” screamed Jess and Grace together.

“Excellent! Don’t worry, I will make arrangements for your father’s treatment and money for your mother”

“Thank you! Thank you!” screamed the kids as the rodent started climbing the closet.

She waved them back and jumped through the window and disappeared.

Later in the day, during dinner time, there was a knock in the door.

G and J looked at each other in anticipation.

Their mother Rachael went and answered the door.

“Can I see Mr Sharpe?” asked a screechy voice.

G and J got up from their seats and peeped to see what’s happening.

There was a tall old man with a weird pair of glasses. He seemed to be very thin. But had a very long beard.

“I am Mrs Sharpe and how can I help you?” asked Rachael

“Good evening Mrs Rachael. My name Populas Pettrey I traveled a long way to meet your husband. He saved my life from fire last year but I never got a chance to thank him”

“Oh, I see” sighed Rachael

“You can see him but you can’t talk to him” she added.

“Why is that so?”

“He has been ill for some time now. He was injured heavily in a fire accident while trying to save people”

“My god! Is he in hospital now?”

“No, we couldn’t afford it. I take care of him at home. Once in a while a nurse and a doctor from a charity organization visits him”

“That’s not correct! Don’t worry Mrs Sharpe, I am here to help” said Populas.

He took out his cell phone and dialed some number.

He started talking something gibberish!

After a while he disconnected the call and said,

“Mrs Sharpe, I have made arrangement in SW Medical center to take care of your husband”

“That’s very kind of you but we can’t afford it”

“No worries Mrs Sharpe I can help you”

“No, we…”

“Please accept this as a way to show my gratitude to your husband. I wouldn’t be alive today if it’s not for his brave deed. He saved me from twelfth floor all on his own”

“I am not sure!”

“Please Mrs Sharpe. They will the best care for your husband at the SWM”

“I know…” said Rachael with hesitation.

She knew her husband wouldn’t like her getting help from others, but she has no other option!

“Thank you, Mr Pettrey. I don’t know how I can thank you for your kind deed.”

“No problems! The ambulance will be here any moment, please get your husband’s files and clothes ready”

“Yes, yes, I will do that…” said Rachael and went inside to start her chore.

Both G and J were eaves dropping the entire conversation with awe!

Suddenly the old man turned towards them and winked at them!

“J, this is Joy’s work!” screamed Grace in happiness.

To be continued...

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  • Good one Shini.<br /><br />G and J are set to travel to the new world.<br /><br />Waiting to see what happens next :)

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