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As a Citizen of India each one should be aware of the pressure faced by the army officers/Soldiers in the border protecting us. Eye balls rolled towards the Guys gallery looking for Harp but it was very difficult to search for him in the huge crowd. Once the ceremony is done we started towards the parking there I saw his eyes was searching for me. At once he saw me his green vein relaxed, he blushed, his face turned pink and looked dull still cute.

Sach uncle took us to Mitta Lal uncle’s dhabha to have snacks were sach uncle offered drinks to my father he refused, Even harp was holding a glass he imitated that he will drink I shook my head and instructed him not to have it. Again he imitated and took the glass nearer to his lips I turned towards mom and joined their conversation with apple juice. He kept the glasses in the table and banged the table asking me to look at him. I looked, he holded his ears to forgive him made me smile.

(swathi maa whats going on? What are you both doing? How long this will go u think? It is just a trip you will leave the place tomorrow? Neva fell for a guy like this so far but suddenly magic happened just like that. I like him. What should I do? )

“Swathi, done with the juice shall we leave” asked nana.

Motta uncle took us to another hotel for dinner. Nana ordered non veg but sach uncle said they are vegetarian I looked at harp he said yes with a smile. Again a lock for this I am a pure non vegetarian how I will manage all this thoughts started flowing. Harp asked me to look my face in the plate provided I looked quite dull (Himalaya’s power is gone). His eyes directed the way to a mirror in the right corner of the room. I obeyed. He was looking at me, I saw him through the mirror while sach uncle noticed harp smiling alone, uncle questioned him, he blabbered finally he said remembered a joke and shared with all were everyone joined him started laughing. “Not bad Swathi….your konda is quiet smart J “As I was towards the table he eagerly moved the chair next to him asking me to sit near him but I nodded and went to the chair I was seated earlier, the waiter came and said madam take the other chair this chair is broken. Did he give some tips or something how could this happen. Mom started since your underweight the broken chair was able to tolerate you and it did not let you down ;).

All started laughing at once.

ammaaaa….. By me

Ok ok said mom.

Sach uncle said “Leave swathi here for a month and will assure that she will be triple times of her weight as I was moving next to harp. Hearing that he twinkled his eyes, He was very happy I was next to him he also enjoyed his dad words. Even though he is vegetarian he passed and even served me non veg. “Swathii maaa… caring, understandable, smart, handsome, vera ena venum. If my friends see him how will they react thoughts ran through me”

After dinner there was a cute argument between nana and uncle saying they will pay the bill and dragging it. Mom and aunty was seeing the garden of flowers and naming them. We both were enjoying the chill breeze as we walked towards car slowly, he gave after mint to me.

I said “Tomorrow evening 4pm is my flight”. He looked at me. “swathi….” . Let’s start said uncle. We got into the car. He was looking at me from behind I was not able to turn and look at him, even don’t know under which term I should put my feelings crush, infatuation, passing clouds or love at first sight. They dropped us in hotel and he waved bye with an un-willing smile.

I rushed to the room digged my suitcase to see what dress I have for the next day. I took the dress silently to the dressing room and tried how I look. Mom knocked the door swathi what are you doing inside come out and go to bed soon. I wrapped the dress inside the towel and kept it in my bag and went to bed like a cat without making any noise before mom sees me.

Settled in one corner of the bed and rewind my day back from airport entry scene till dinner exit scene what all happened throughout the day. What he would have thought about me? He enjoyed my presence I know that very well. What will he be doing now? Will he be thinking about me? I told him I will be travelling tomorrow will he bring any gift for me? A flower bouquet? If he comes running with the flower bouquet what will you do swathi? (Like jeans movie Prasanth will bring for Aishwarya) Don’t over imagine too much my dear. He came to tell something he started “swathi…” my heart beat raised and soon uncle came brought the voltage down. What he came to talk? What was running in his mind?

Ok swathi close ur eyes and sleep well now or else you might get dark circle under your eyes.

Good night harp. Sweet dreams. Let’s meet tomorrow. J

Next day nana waked me up and I got ready early 8am. Each and every time I crossed the mirror made sure I look the best. We left the room to have our complementary food. I took bread, butter and a glass of juice made myself comfortable on the chair from where I can view the entrance. Each time the door gets opened I eagerly looked outside it would be him.

Once done with the breakfast we were waiting for uncle in the reception with all our luggages. The plan was again to Golden temple since it was some special day and some Pooja will take place (as I was waiting for harp I never listened to any of their conversation).


  • semma twist :clap: .. Ena koduma saravanan ithu :grin: ..Nice narrative skill.. Keep it up (y) ...
  • Helloo Sir,<br /><br />If ur the author for 4 short stories which is already there, then thank you very much for inspiring me to write. :hatsoff:
  • @ all. Thank you everyone for ur precious time in reading my first story. . :thnkx: for all ur support. Feeling great that u all enjoyed. :)
  • Very cute and funny story. :clap: It may happen sometime in real life too :lol: Way of writing is awesome.. :grin: .Keep up the good work... Don't stop it here... we are looking forward yaar..... (y)
  • Good enjoyable story Karthika.<br /><br />The way you narrated the trip was awesome :-) Harp :-)<br /><br />Good one ji :)
  • Wow awesome balle balle :grin: wat a memorable trip... the description of Amritsar and wagha border reminded me of my own trip... Agra tajmahal first time Parkum pothu antha feel no words.... swati Konda moments wow wow... Tat bulb moment sema.... enjoyed reading the story thoroughly...
  • Hi Ma'am, One day Match ah?? One day match ye thaan :dance: :grin: :D no ball la kuda ippadi sixer adichi dhool kalakitinga Ji :D wow awesome it was super cool entertainer very cutely narrated, swati-oda mini chance-a illa pavam pulla ippadi bulb vanga vittutingale hahahah really funny yaar...and andha chinna payanukk irundhalum ivalo irukkakudadhu paa :D facepalm <br /><br />Vangaporadh bulb-n theriyama evalo imagination, make up, adhalayum andha send off expectation, Harp (hairpin) oda apperance description ena oru kodu ma..Kondai karanoda kodumai da hahah facepalm Swati ma god kitta vendikittinga illa ellam nalladhey nadakum nala vela oru kick vangama safe aitinga.....Makeup kittu brand mathuma swathi ma'am.... :D :P <br /><br /> :thnkx: for cute and funny story ma'am....It remind me abt my North trip rombha azhaga narrate seithu irukinga...Keep rocking. Looking forward for your next story... :GL:

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