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Hellloooo. Good morning all. Am I late? Asked uncle

Nana said no not at all we just had out breakfast.

(Where is he? Might be in car. Can’t he come inside? He knows very well that I will be looking for him right? Very bad lazy goose.)

Then shall we leave? Asked uncle.

I rushed with a suitcase to the car to see him but only aunt was there in car.

Hello swathi. Did you sleep well? Was your breakfast good? Come inside swathi, uncle will place the luggage’s in the car. Aunty added questions one by one. I just gave a smile in return and got inside the car.

“Where is he? Why he did not come? How can I ask uncle or aunty? How can he stay without coming? I told him clearly I will be leaving. He did not feel anything for me. But his eyes spoke to me was that not true. Did I imagine everything myself? Will someone tell me where he is? Oh God! I really wanted to know why he did not turn up to see me. At least a friendly bye from him?”

We reached the temple. I remembered each and every incident that happened yesterday with him starting from the entrance. I missed him. I felt he is near me and followed all the things what we did yesterday together. I covered my head with shawl, washed my hands, sprayed water on head, and did Namaste all alone.

I lost my temper was not able to keep quiet. I was about to ask where is he? But nana asked uncle. Where is Harpreet?

The answer uncle gave was sharp like knife, lighting heavy thunder on my head and heart. Never thought uncle will tell this. Never expected. I know even you would be eager to know what would have happened. I don’t know how to tell this to you all. Ok fine. I will.


When I came to know this I really don’t know how to react. Swathi, you’re really a very big duffer, how come you be so careless? You thought whether he would like you or fell for you? You were sharing so many eye contacts with him? Good you did not share your contact details and mess up? You even had feeling for him and was wondering whether it was crush or this or that? But did you ever try to know what he is doing currently? I really wanted to hide my face somewhere. Not a big difference you’re going to complete your college in another semester he is going to complete his school in another year. Shut up ediot. Thank god, I did not share anything with anyone what if they know this. Whatever has happened just burry all your thoughts here itself.

I never know that he would be doing his schooling but what about him. He would have known that I am doing my college then why the hell he look at me and smile? What will be he thinking? Never mind.

“swathi maaa… It’s ok da. It’s all in the game you never know this before. You have learnt a lesson. Hereafter if you feel someone is good before getting deep into his thoughts gather basic information about them and then proceed. Been 21yrs old never found anyone for me just met one even that is gone”.

With all these thoughts prayed god to give me a sharp brain and left to airport. Waved bye to aunty and uncle boarded our passes and went inside flight. I closed my eyes and was lying for some time thinking of my stupidity. Nana asked what to order for lunch I said coffee is enough for me. Then I noticed a name was written in front of me in the seat it was “Harpreet Singh” OMG!!! Why is he chasing me? I started laughing. People used to write their name in bus, car, lift, bench now they started writing even in plane.

Nice place, Isn’t it swathi asked dad. Yes dad, very nice place saying that I looked through the mirror the whole Amritsar looked quiet and greenish.



  • semma twist :clap: .. Ena koduma saravanan ithu :grin: ..Nice narrative skill.. Keep it up (y) ...
  • Helloo Sir,<br /><br />If ur the author for 4 short stories which is already there, then thank you very much for inspiring me to write. :hatsoff:
  • @ all. Thank you everyone for ur precious time in reading my first story. . :thnkx: for all ur support. Feeling great that u all enjoyed. :)
  • Very cute and funny story. :clap: It may happen sometime in real life too :lol: Way of writing is awesome.. :grin: .Keep up the good work... Don't stop it here... we are looking forward yaar..... (y)
  • Good enjoyable story Karthika.<br /><br />The way you narrated the trip was awesome :-) Harp :-)<br /><br />Good one ji :)
  • Wow awesome balle balle :grin: wat a memorable trip... the description of Amritsar and wagha border reminded me of my own trip... Agra tajmahal first time Parkum pothu antha feel no words.... swati Konda moments wow wow... Tat bulb moment sema.... enjoyed reading the story thoroughly...
  • Hi Ma'am, One day Match ah?? One day match ye thaan :dance: :grin: :D no ball la kuda ippadi sixer adichi dhool kalakitinga Ji :D wow awesome it was super cool entertainer very cutely narrated, swati-oda mini chance-a illa pavam pulla ippadi bulb vanga vittutingale hahahah really funny yaar...and andha chinna payanukk irundhalum ivalo irukkakudadhu paa :D facepalm <br /><br />Vangaporadh bulb-n theriyama evalo imagination, make up, adhalayum andha send off expectation, Harp (hairpin) oda apperance description ena oru kodu ma..Kondai karanoda kodumai da hahah facepalm Swati ma god kitta vendikittinga illa ellam nalladhey nadakum nala vela oru kick vangama safe aitinga.....Makeup kittu brand mathuma swathi ma'am.... :D :P <br /><br /> :thnkx: for cute and funny story ma'am....It remind me abt my North trip rombha azhaga narrate seithu irukinga...Keep rocking. Looking forward for your next story... :GL:

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