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Harvest - Chitra


Once upon a time there lived a very powerful king of the kingdom of swarnapuri. It was a very prosperous state and people were very happy.

 As years rolled by the kingdom came by a difficult time and they had to cut short the expenses.

 One of the ministers came up with the idea that the old people over the age of seventy should be sent away. Since they added upto twenty five percent of the population, sending them away would save the cost of maintaining them and therefore be helpful for the economy.

 The king was taken by this idea and he passed an ordinance stating that all the people over seventy in his kingdom should go away to live in the nearby forest.

All the people felt very sad but could not disobey the king, so everybody sent away their parents except for one man who hid his father in the cellar below and secretly maintained him there. Every day he would go give him food and talk with him for some time and come away.

 Winter set in and the whole place was covered in snow. One of the days the king found out that there was not enough grains in stock to pull through the winter season. So he announced a large sum of money for the idea to grow crops in winter. Our hero went to his father with this piece of info and the old man gave him a solution which he promptly told the king. The idea was to clear all the snow from either sides of the road and plough it. Miraculously after sometime they saw crops coming up there. So our hero was called upon and was given the reward when he owned up saying that it was his father’s idea. The king realized his fault and brought the old man to the court and asked him directly as to how he came upon this idea, the old man said that it was a simple fact that the carts carrying grains would have spilled them on the roadsides.

The king thanked him and took back the ordinance and all the senior citizens came back to live happily with their kith and kin.


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