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The Royal Mess - A Royal Love Story…
The Royal Mess - A Royal Love Story…

The Royal Mess - A Royal Love Story… - 01 - A-B-A-V (Bindu Vinod)

The Royal Mess - A Royal Love Story…

Love, Marriage, Divorce And …

Dear friends,


When I started TRM, the series, I had a different picture in my mind. But pretty soon, I realized that even with good intent, poking into someone's privacy isn’t correct. So, I decided to give myself a break to get my head clear. And here we go with our new TRM version. If you have read my previous episodes, you might see a few differences, but this time we will have the whole story 😊. Thanks for your understanding!




Chapter 1


Aarti kept staring at the dimly lit chandelier hanging on the decorated roof of her room. The velvety soft blanket covering her had very little impact on her. It has been months since she enjoyed a peaceful and comfortable sleep.


She has immersed herself in social work and has initiated multiple welfare projects. Still, a full night's sleep seems to be eluding her forever.


She sighed as she rolled to her side.


A billionaire princess is struggling to get a glimpse of sleep! How many people around the world would believe it?


Not many, she thought to herself.


Aarti was born as the only heiress to the royal family's multimillion property. Her father was the Maharaja of Chandpur. Though the monarchy system is not in place today, her family is still a royal family.


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