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The Royal Mess - A Royal Love Story… 

The Royal Mess - A Royal Love Story… is a Romance / Family genre story penned by Bindu Vinod in the pseudonym A-B-A-V.


Princess Aarti takes a long step by marrying Hari for LOVE.


Aarti is the only heir and daughter of the Maharaja of Chandpur.

The Royal family’s gender bias and Aarti’s decision to marry a commoner outside the royal circle, creates chaos and confusion around.

Aarti is denied her inherited title. Still, the soft-spoken Aarti gently but firmly takes control of the proceedings.


But what’s life without drama?

As Aarti tries to mend away the issues, trouble brews in her marriage.


After a love – hate & patch-up marital relationship of twenty years, Aarti and Hari decide to part ways due to a series of miscommunications, misunderstandings and misconceptions. Though the separation is mutual, it impacts their lives deeply.


Can cupid’s arrow strike twice?

Is it possible that the LOVE that once brought Aarti and Hari together, reunite them one more time?


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