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Ask the dentist - Teeth whitening

To read this article in Tamil click here!

In this edition, Doctor Anitha answers questions from our readers about Teeth whitening

Question 1:

How to get white teeth??? - Vidhya Barathi


How to remove yellow stain from teeth? - Vinoth

Is it possible to remove yellow color from teeth? - Hema K

A lot of people ask this question.

There are various causes for teeth discoloration. Some people have inherent intrinsic stains while some people have external reasons i.e. extrinsic stains.

Stains due to smoking, pan, betel nut, coffee, tea stains etc are examples of extrinsic stains.

Ingestion of excessive fluoride (fluorosis) or tetracycline during teeth formation can cause intrinsic stains. In some areas, water has huge amounts of fluoride in it. Many people living in such places have this intrinsic stains.

It is advisable to find the reason for the change in color of your teeth and take required action.

If the yellow color is because of outside (extrinsic) stain, you can reduce it by undergoing scaling procedure and by practicing good oral hygiene habits.

If the stains are inside (intrinsic), visit a dentist to discuss your options.

In general, for whiter teeth you can use commercially available whitening toothpaste or undergo professional bleaching treatment.


Question 2:

How to avoid stains in the teeth? - Vinoth

How to avoid yellow color spread into teeth? - Hema K

Avoid taking too much of food items that stain your teeth like coffee, tea, etc. Also avoid smoking.

Brushing your teeth two-times a day every morning and night also helps to maintain your teeth.


Question 3:

Is it advisable to use rice hulls or brick powder to whiten teeth? - Vinoth

Although enamel is the strongest part in the human body, rice hulls & brick powder are abrasives which can erode them. So it’s not advisable to use rice hulls or brick powder.

Do you have any dental related questions? Type it and send it to us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


About Dr.Anitha:

Dr. Anita has fifteen years of experience and she is the founder of Adarsh Dental Care Clinic at Guduvancheri.

Clinic Address:
Adarsh Dental Care
No. 100, AGK complex
GST Road
Tamilnadu, India
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AdarshDentalCare

To read this article in Tamil click here!

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