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“As a father you should have guided him properly sir. When he was young and when he acted this way you should have disciplined him. Similarly, if you were planning to make him your heir apparent, you should have trained him in handling employees. In short, you should have talked to him more often”

“So, as per you, I am the reason for everything?”

“Yes sir, a mother is more focused on caring for her child. A father should be responsible for his child’s discipline and behavior”

Murthy was quiet!

“You have money and all those fancy luxurious stuff, but I am still happy that I don’t have a father like you. A father who doesn’t bother about his kids”

“This is a serious, very serious accusation Subha”

“And, you have not denied it sir”

“I would love to… but…” Murthy stopped his sentence suddenly.

Subha waited eagerly for Murthy to open up and share more information.

She prayed that he would put some light on Baskar’s past.

It looked as if the heavens heard her prayers.

After a brief hiatus, Murthy spoke again.

“Subha, you said everyone hates Baskar. Do you know HATE is a very strong word? I have asked my kids to never utter that word? I wanted them to be kind and gentle to everyone”

Subha looked at him in awe. But something suggested that she should not interfere him, if at all she should get to know about Baskar’s past.

So she kept quiet and listened to Murthy!

To be continued...

Episode # 10

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Next episode will be published as soon as the writer shares her next episode

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  • Wow this was super fast update ma'am :clap:<br /><br />Boss's arrogance is really too much but nice to see him like DAT :P waiting to know his FB. And satheesh uncle odiya calm nature is fantastic :hatsoff: any person would really get wild wen they think they are not responsible for someones act whomsoever it is :yes: :yes: subha oda tone enakke kovam vara mathiri irundhadhu ;-) how can she blame him wen she has no clue wat happen in the past :yes: look forward to see wat happens next...hope to see the real face of baskaran.

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