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Chillzee English - Web Novel - Ambition - 06 - VJG

He turned to her, held her shoulders with both the hands and said, “Madhu!... Madhumma, you were not there at the match to see the students crowd cheering our son, you didn’t see him play, it was marvelous. I do not want you to spoil his future as a parent, I wanted to support him to pursue his career in cricket.”




“ That's it...I am done talking about this. I'll be there for him, I believe in him!”


Madhu was speechless, worried!


Months passed, the revision exams started, Bharat came to Siddharth and said” I don't know what's happening to me, I'm not able to remember anything about what I studied, Sidhu!”


“ mugged up?”




“That's the problem, you should understand, what you read, come sit with me, we can study together.”


Siddharth advised him to read the lesson first and understand the content and then read it once again, so that he will remember it forever. They both continued to do that. The revision exams were over.


Madhu told Siddharth, not to have any matches until the final

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