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Short Story - I am yours! - Chillz
Short Story - I am yours! - Chillz

Short Story - I am yours! - Chillz


In a busy and bustling city, there were two IT professionals named Alex and Emily. Alex was a software engineer, while Emily was a web developer. They both worked for different companies, but their offices were just a few blocks apart.


Alex and Emily met at a tech conference, where they both attended a talk on the latest software development trends. They hit it off right away, and soon they found themselves talking about everything from coding languages to their shared love of music.


As they exchanged business cards, Emily couldn't help but feel a spark of attraction towards Alex. She didn't know if it was his charming smile or his sense of humor, but something about him drew her in.


Over the next few weeks, Alex and Emily kept running into each other at various tech events. They would chat about work, but also about their hobbies and interests. They discovered that they both loved hiking and decided to plan a weekend trip together.


On their hike, they enjoyed the beautiful scenery and talked for hours about their dreams and aspirations. As the sun began to set, Alex took Emily's hand and looked into her eyes. "I know we're both busy with work, but I really want to make time for you," he said. "Will you go on a real date with me?"


Emily felt her heart race as she looked into Alex's eyes. She knew that this was the beginning of something special. "Yes," she said with a smile.


Their first date was magical. They went to a cozy restaurant and talked for hours over dinner. They shared stories and laughed until their sides hurt. As they walked back to Emily's apartment, Alex took her hand and leaned in for a kiss. It was sweet and gentle, but it made Emily's heart skip a beat.


From that moment on, Alex and Emily were inseparable. They spent all their free time together, exploring the city, trying new restaurants, and attending tech events. They supported each other's careers and even started collaborating on side projects.


As the months passed, their love continued to grow. Alex knew that Emily was the one for him, so he planned a surprise proposal. He took Emily to the top of a skyscraper and got down on one knee. "Emily, you're the smartest and most talented person I know," he said. "Will you do me the honor of spending the rest of your life with me?"


Emily couldn't believe it. Tears streamed down her face as she nodded and said yes. They hugged and kissed, and Alex slipped a beautiful ring on her finger.


They got married a year later, surrounded by their family and friends. They vowed to always support each other, to keep learning and growing together, and to never stop being each other's biggest fans. And that's exactly what they did, happily ever after.


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