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Mischievous Chillu - Shini

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Chillu is a small girl who lives with her parents in a far away city. She is a very nice girl but she is very naughty. She likes to explore new things and find out reasons for everything.

Episode 04 - Chillu in a jealous mood!


Chillu's cousin Sweety got a very pretty doll.

Chillu saw the doll and she liked it. She suddenly hugged her mom and started crying.

Her mom was shocked!

"Chillu, what happened? Why are you crying?" asked her mom.

Chillu said, "It's very complicated, mommy!"

Chillu's mom patted her softly and said, "Come on Chillu tell me"

"Mom can I tell you in your ears?" asked the sobbing Chillu

Sweety was surprised to see Chillu suddenly starting to cry.

"is everything ok Chillu?" she asked.

Chillu didnt reply she continued to sob hugging her mom.

Chillu's mom, slowly walked her away from the place and asked,

"Chillu, we are alone, now tell me what happened?"

"I know this will make Sweety sad. That's why I didn't tell it in front of her."

"What is it?"

"I like Sweety's doll!" said Chillu hugging her mom tight.

Chillu's mom said,"oh I know how you feel. You are feeling jealous"

"Jealous??? What does that mean?" asked Chillu.

"Jealous means you want something that others have"


"But you shouldn't feel jealous. That's wrong."

"What can I do?"

"If you feel jealous, talk about it to me"


"yes, you should talk about it to your parents, friends or siblings. When you talk, you will feel better."

"Yes, I am already feeling better."

"Good! I told you!"

"Thank you mom! But can I ask you something?"

"Yes sweet heart"

"Can you buy me that doll?"

"No!!! But we will go to your favorite toy shop and buy a cutie doll!"

"Hurray!" shouted Chillu out of joy!

Sweety peeped in and asked,"Chillu you are alright?"

"Yes Sweety, you know I am going to get a new cutie doll"

"Ah! Can we both share our dolls and play?" asked Sweety.

"Yes" said Chillu and ran to her cousin to play.

Chillu's mom stood their with a smile.

What did Chillu learn today?

Try not to be jealous.

But if you feel jealous, talk about it with your parents, friends or siblings.

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Next episode will be published as soon as the author shares her episode.

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