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Ramani Chandran - Unakagave vazhgiren

Damayanthi and her brother Dilipan meets an old man named Devarajan in a train. Devarajan lives alone in his home in Chennai while the two siblings are escaping from their brother's home. Devarajan offers to help Damayanthi and Dilipan and they both in-turn helps to keep his house in place.

Though it's a mystery why Devarajan is living all alone in such a big house, the siblings doesn't intrude in his privacy by being nosy. They just know that Devarajan in searching for something or someone...

Meanwhile, Saitanyan comes in to their life... Not just Devarajan even Damayanthi is attracted towards him. Dilipan alone shows some cautiousness as he is not sure of Saitanyan's motive...

Soon Saitanyan shows his original face... He has made himself acquitted with Devarajan just for the purpose of his real estate business... He offers to help Devarajan and asks for power of attorney for handling the construction...

Damayanthi is shocked as Saitanyan slowly starts avoiding her... But mysteriously Devarajan seems to accept everything that Saithanyan says...

Though hurt because of Saitanyan's change in behavior, Damayanthi along with his brother decides to find the full story behind Saitanyan's plan...

So did they succeed? What happened to Damayanthi's love?

Read the story to find out the answers...

A good read for all family story lovers!

Checkout this Ramani Chandran's novel in the following link.

Link 1


Have you read the story?

If yes, please do comment so that new readers can know more about this book!


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# Ramani Chandran - Unakagave VazhgirenShama 2014-05-08 09:47
Hi, I Couldn't download the file thro this Link (2 shared). after many unsuccessful attempts I'm sending this email. could u please PM me the novel.

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# RE: Ramani Chandran - Unakagave vazhgirenChillzee KiMo Specials 2014-03-19 07:12
Nice summary. 3 kathaiyum padichacha? Which 1 is good?
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# RE: Ramani Chandran - Unakagave vazhgirenNanthini 2014-03-19 08:12
nopes not yet. This one's ok... Decent story with Ramani Chandran's touch. You will like it :)
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