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16. Contest Rules - Updated
... contests. 3. I really doubt whether we will have this contest this month :lol: 4. But as per our experience it takes time for users to participate in events :- 5. We will soon add a seperate page for the ...
Created on 09 January 2011
17. Ramani Chandran - Endrendrum unnodu thaan - Updated
... nikila seems ok with that. Then Nikila meets Dhanadhipan, a business man in mandhagini's friend's party. Their first meeting doesn't go very well. But both fall in love with each other later. Dhana's parents ...
Created on 27 March 2013
18. Ramani Chandran - Ullam Kollai Poguthe
Can you send the correct link where I can find full story. I have from 1 to part 3. I need 4 and 5
Created on 18 July 2014
19. புயலுக்கு பின் - 14
When can we expect the next part?
Created on 06 March 2012
20. புயலுக்கு பின் - 14
Sorry anonymous, I am late again! Hope to publish the future episodes on time :oops:
Created on 29 February 2012
21. புயலுக்கு பின் - 14
Atlast we have the next part. Please update the next episode soon.
Created on 21 February 2012
22. Ramani Chandran - Venmaiyil Ethanai Nirangal
the 1 and 2 part was nice. 3to 5 chapter was very boring, ezhu ezhu ezhuthanga . Ending inum konjam nala solirukalam. 1, 2 chapter padikumpothu iruntha aravam. 3 ,4 chapter padikum pothu irukathu 4 chapter ...
Created on 17 December 2014
23. Ramani Chandran - Vaira Malar (Updated)
U can click the part 1 so that it will ask for the download...Then u can read
Created on 26 January 2013
24. Ramani Chandran - Vaira Malar (Updated)
story is very nice, but the part3 is incomplete. oops i am going mad without able to read the climax. please help
Created on 17 January 2013
25. Ramani Chandran - Vaazhvu En Pakkam (Updated)
Part - 1 & Part -2
Created on 13 March 2014
26. Ramani Chandran - Thannirile Thamaraipoo (Updated)
part 3 not downloaded. unable read what happen for bhuvanan/bhavani
Created on 07 March 2016
27. Ramani Chandran - Mayangukiral Oru Maadhu
Intha novel romba interstinga irukkum. Mayavoda pidivatham & herovoda pidivatham realiy nice. Especily last few parts very intersting.
Created on 07 July 2013
28. Ramani Chandran - Manadhin Vaarthai Puriyadho
pls send part 2
Created on 05 November 2015
29. Ramani Chandran - Maane Maane Maane (Updated)
hai frnds...i click part 1 in novels... but it did not open... so plz tell me how to open and read the novels..
Created on 04 September 2013
30. Ramani Chandran - Konjam Nilavu Konjam Neruppu (Updated)
hope ms.Bharathi wrote summary of this story.. my review... this story is simple good, but apart from romance it says a women must choose her life partner wisely! but it has unbelivable(unlogical) twist ...
Created on 10 February 2014

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