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1. Kids' Easy Crafts - Ceramic <span class="highlight">doll</span> decoupage
... a simple ceramic doll decoupage:   Kids' Easy Crafts - Ceramic doll decoupage What is Decoupage?    Decoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing paper cutouts on the object.    It ...
Created on 15 July 2021
2. The Vicar of Wakefield - 17 - Oliver Goldsmith - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... meets Dolly, and they hold a dialogue together; he gives her a fairing to put in her hair, and she presents him with a nosegay; and then they go together to church, where they give good advice to ...
Created on 12 August 2021
3. The Mountain Girl - 31 - Emma Payne Erskine - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... of transmuting their greasy American dollars into golden English sovereigns. There's justice."    "Be reasonable, David. Their estates were involved to the last degree and those sovereigns saved the ...
Created on 28 June 2021
4. The Mountain Girl - 30 - Emma Payne Erskine - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
...  Laboriously she computed the amount in English money, and, reckoned thus, her dollars and cents seemed to shrink and vanish. Still, more than half remained of what she had brought with her, and she viewed ...
Created on 22 June 2021
5. The Mountain Girl - 14 - Emma Payne Erskine - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... five dollars in bills, and a few quarters and dimes.    He did not like to leave the shelter of the shed, and his eyes showed only the narrow glint of blue as, with half-closed lids, he still peered ...
Created on 07 May 2021
6. The Royal Mess - A Royal Love Story… - 06 - A-B-A-V (Bindu Vinod) - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
...  He had always visualized her as a pampered doll who does things as per the given instructions. But his chance meeting with her in the woods had changed his view completely. The way she vented her anger, ...
Created on 27 April 2021
7. The Priceless Pearl - 21 - Alice Duer Miller - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... her neck she wore the silliest little string of bright blue-glass beads, which someone had once given a doll of Antonia's in the dead past when Antonia played with dolls, and which Antonia herself occasionally ...
Created on 16 April 2021
8. The Priceless Pearl - 19 - Alice Duer Miller - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... Anthony for fifteen years, the description was perfectly satisfactory.    They reached Edna's house a little after five. Dolly had gone away the day before to soothe her wounded feelings at a house ...
Created on 14 April 2021
9. The Priceless Pearl - 18 - Alice Duer Miller - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... her--she who had made Antonia neat, Durland studious, and had at least suggested to Dolly's egotism that there were other women in the world at least as attractive as she? Pearl thought a great deal ...
Created on 13 April 2021
10. The Priceless Pearl - 17 - Alice Duer Miller - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... Dolly's nurse when she was a baby, and was therefore absolutely above suspicion--had been sewing in the next room.    Mrs. Conway did not contradict this story. She simply raised her eyebrows and ...
Created on 12 April 2021
11. The Priceless Pearl - 16 - Alice Duer Miller - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
...  no, to a man who has been your husband and who insists if he had five dollars he could make a fortune; but I do say it--I always have--always—almost always. It's a little too much to be watched over an ...
Created on 11 April 2021
12. The Priceless Pearl - 15 - Alice Duer Miller - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... can't expect Dolly to understand that."    Anthony's two telegrams arrived one evening at dinnertime and were handed by the butler, one to Mrs. Conway and one to the governess.    Pearl's heart sank ...
Created on 09 April 2021
13. The Priceless Pearl - 14 - Alice Duer Miller - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... of a dune. She took a book with her, but hardly read. She sat there for an hour, and about four, knowing that Dolly and Williams had arranged to play golf and that she would now have the house to herself, ...
Created on 08 April 2021
14. The Priceless Pearl - 13 - Alice Duer Miller - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... a few minutes later she dashed to the window to watch him drive away with her sister, and turning back she exclaimed sadly, "Gee, I never thought I'd wish I was Dolly!"    Pearl thought to herself ...
Created on 07 April 2021
15. The Priceless Pearl - 12 - Alice Duer Miller - Web Novel
(English Story Series)
... let me ask her.    I asked her first--before Dolly asked Allen--you said I could"—over and over again; but Dolly's flashing silence was more impressive.    Pearl knew that it was not so much a question ...
Created on 06 April 2021
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