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1. Meet your Chillzee team
Thanks Manjula for your lengthy message :) Though Chillzee has been around for 5 years, we have been trying to build it as a portal for the past three years only and I should say in all these years we ...
Created on 10 February 2014
2. Meet your Chillzee team
... I see that you are giving more importance to IPL while I am not against any sports, I would say Chillzee should give more importance to family and/or women specific areas like your Spiritual series, Vindhya' ...
Created on 10 February 2014
3. T20 World cup to IPL!
cant comment on the cricket stuff as i am not an expert but yes sports should be watched as sports only. liked that part
Created on 16 April 2014
4. தேன்'ன் விசாரணை கோப்புகள் – 02 - கோப்பு 01 – பாசத்தின் விலை! - தொடர்ச்சி
Naan Antha company ID guess panniten. But intha sports shoe missing nice msg from story antha PKP song :clap: nice ending.
Created on 02 December 2014
5. India's Cricket World cup memories - 02. India Vs Australia (1987
I don't like to talk about matches that India lose. So no comments about it. Recently I read another article about sportsmanship in the same WC 1987. It was about Walsh. Pakistan needed 2 runs of the last ...
Created on 30 January 2015
6. India's Cricket World cup memories - 02. India Vs Australia (1987
interesting match. To answer your question, I think 100% sportsmanship is not ideal in any sports. We play to win. You need not cheat but when luck comes your way via poor umpiring decisions take it ;-) ...
Created on 27 January 2015
7. என்னைத் தந்தேன் வேரோடு - 02
Thanks a lot Thens :thnkx: :thnkx: Mirnakku sports romba pidikum :lol: :thnkx:
Created on 31 January 2015
8. என்னைத் தந்தேன் வேரோடு - 02
very nice episode Anna. apo thambi than hero-va??? Car ule irunthu 2 perum veliye varum scene desc super (y) Mirnaku sports pidikumo??? :)
Created on 30 January 2015
9. கௌரி கல்யாண வைபோகமே – 23
... thottathu nijam... :yes: :yes: heroine sports persona oru story eluthanumnu thona vachathu unga first epi...Gowri in drm....athuthaan Mirna pirantha kathai... jaanu maami enakku kanavilallaam vanthaangaa... ...
Created on 09 February 2015
10. தொடர்கதை - நனைகின்றது நதியின் கரை - 11
Thanks Mano :thnkx: :thnkx: mrg innaiku epila mudichuduvom :lol: 3 perum sports people Mano...speed ah illaina ennaakirathaam :D sukavai brain sari aakitunnu sollidunga :now: :D thaarai vaarthal enakkum ...
Created on 24 October 2015
11. தொடர்கதை - நனைகின்றது நதியின் கரை - 12
Thanks Rajalaxmi :thnkx: :thnkx: sports people...konjam ellathilum fas ah irukaanga pola..wedding fast :D suga cute ah purinjikita :thnkx: prabath :D :thnkx: aran....avarukku kopam varaama irukappave intha ...
Created on 25 October 2015
12. தொடர்கதை - நனைகின்றது நதியின் கரை - 19
... paarthu wifeku husband mela konjam mariyaathaiyum irukuthu pola.... :lol: Aran excellent captain :thnkx: enakku president of India tta irunhthu medal vaangiya feel :-) sports pathi sonnathu.... :thnkx: ...
Created on 02 January 2016
13. தொடர்கதை - நனைகின்றது நதியின் கரை - 19
wat a epi. fantastic. man of the epi of course Parvir than wat a move. semma brainy. sarani too brainy than. antha video clip semma idea and comment kooda. cricket semma. athulaium suja sonna mathiri run ...
Created on 12 December 2015
14. தொடர்கதை - மனதோர மழைச்சாரல்... - 13 - வத்ஸலா
Kathaiyai romba suvarasiyama kondu poreenga Vathsala. Intha pugazh pothai patri ezhuthi irupathu true. Film industrynu ilamal, sports, medianu niraiya idathula ithai parkalam. Ithai sariya handle seiyamal ...
Created on 18 December 2015
15. தொடர்கதை - காதல் பின்னது உலகு - 02 - மனோஹரி
Thanks Kalai :thnkx: :thnkx: Mirna paavam samathu ...athu sports kuthaan plan podum...Nilu apdi illai....poka poka paarunga :D bavishya kooda discuss :grin: yavvan per pidichurukaa ....feeling very happy ...
Created on 21 January 2016
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