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Our Indian schools have to go a long way to excel in online teaching. First the teacher must understand how flexible they need to be while teaching online.  Interacting with a person at the other end without looking at her/his face requires empathy and understanding from the teacher.  The teacher also requires special skills to handle engaging classes.  You can't just make students learn something immediately by looking at the monitor of a computer or the screen of a mobile phone.

Indian parents still believe in traditional way of teaching.  Our children are also tuned to listening to the teacher in person and interact verbally with eye contact.

Children may like to play online games or play with the mobile phones continuously.  But attending online classes for more than sixty minutes is really tough for active children.  It is a shift in learning.  Our children write in their note books with their pens and pencils.  Online classes demand typing using the typing board which may become a boring task after sometime.  Just by watching videos and writing down assignments sitting alone before a computer does not suit our Indian children.

By experience I have learnt that Indian parents always want their children to learn along with their teachers in a traditional classroom. Digital classrooms suit students who are in colleges pursuing higher education. 

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# RE: Online classes in India - a long way to go!ரவை .k 2020-08-26 18:36
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