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Chillzee Featured - 09. Swetha Chandrasekaran - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
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Chillzee Featured - 09. Swetha Chandrasekaran

In this month's featured section we are featuring Swetha Chandrasekaran!


Swetha has been a member of Chillzee for the past 6+ months.

@ Chillzee she has penned many poems and the 'soon-to-be' concluded Ninaikatha naal illai rathiye tamil series. One of her story has also been published as a book.


Chillzee: Tell us about yourself

Swetha: I am Swetha Chandrasekaran, a Food Technologist, pursuing M.Tech chemical engineering... I am interested in entrepreneurship.


Chillzee: What induced you to write @ Chillzee?

Swetha: While browsing the site, my dream of becoming writer urged me to present my writings in chillzee


Chillzee: Do you like to read novels?

Swetha: Of course I like to read novels. Infact I read only novels.


Chillzee: What do you do in your free time?

Swetha: I am mad of doing craft so will be doing many hand works..


Chillzee: Who is your favorite author?

Swetha: It is a very long list... I am mad of Kalki, Sujatha, Ramanichandaran, Indra Soundaraajan, Balakumaran, Chethan Bhagat and recently Paulo Coelho books...


Chillzee: Tell us about your favorite books.

Swetha: My favorite books list is also long... Kalki's Sivagami Sabatham is my favorite... That's one book that I keep reading again and again. I like Kalki's description of Sivagami. I also like the Karaiyellam Shanbagapoo article collection.
I am also a fan of Bharathiyar and Vaali kavithaigal.


Chillzee: What is the one thing that you like most about Chillzee?

Swetha: I like the discussions in the forum. I also like the short story section. I would like to contribute more but don't have much time for the same.
I also like Shanthi's immediate replies!


Good luck Swetha for all your future endeavors!

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# RE: Chillzee Featured - 09. Swetha ChandrasekharanNanthini 2013-12-05 20:23
You are a interesting character Swetha :-)
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+1 # RE: Chillzee Featured - 09. Swetha ChandrasekharanAdmin 2013-12-05 20:08
Good to know about you Swetha!

I am so very glad that two of our Chillzee writers work has been published as book...

All the best.
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