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Chillzee Featured - 10. Usha - 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 votes
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Chillzee Featured - 10. Usha

In this month's featured section we are featuring Usha!


Usha is the author of the recently completed Eppa pei mathiri iruka series.


Chillzee : Though you have been writing for more than a year @Chillzee, we really don't know much about you :-) Can you tell us about you?

Usha : To tell about me, I am housewife living in US. My life revolves around My loving husband and my little boy!


Chillzee : Tell us about your son...

Usha : He is 8 year old kid going to Elementary School here! He loves tamil songs and lot of situational songs I choose from his playlist ;)


Chillzee : In the EPMI's final episode, I see that you have mentioned about writing stories / dramas during your college days. When did you first write a story or drama? What triggered you to write that? And how was that recived? Any interesting flashback from that experience?

Usha : Truely speaking I love to read than to write. But for competitions, I like to face the challenge. My first short story is 'Adivanathukku Appal'. I wrote this for college level Short story writing competition for which I won the prize from the hands of then Education Minister Mr. Anabazhagan. That was an exciting experience. Then I wrote one more story for intercollegiate competition which also fetched prize. But then, my focus shifted to studies and I stopped writing.
Apart from Short stories, I wrote few skits for college culturals. Acting out the skit with our friends and lot of 'sothappals' on stage were exciting fun filled experiences!


Chillzee : That's very interesting... But ofcourse it's good that you have rebooted your writing now. By any chance do you have a soft copy of your first short story? I am very sure that our readers will be interested to read your first story.

Usha : I did not even save a hard copy of the story. It is my first story. I did not expect that would get a recognition.


Chillzee : Oh ok... What made you to name your series differently?

Usha : This story is my 'test mouse'. So three things I made in mind 1. Different Title, 2. Different Style and 3. Different content (except for the last part entire story happens in 3 weeks!)

Herione is a very aggressive girl. She shows aggressiveness in all aspects. Eppa Pei Maathiri Irukka is the popular pharse (????!!!!) came into my mind and hence coined that name as my story title. Later, I came to know that, for some people this title mislead to think that the story is a horror genre!


Chillzee : Oh! What is your most favorite scene in the EPMI series?

Usha : OMG! This is a tough question. Technically, Pooma 's delivery scene - it brought light to three women - Sandy realising her self esteem, Pooma entering the motherhood, and Lakshmi Amma getting out stress! Sandy forgive Vadivu & Pandiyan for the baby and God showered his blessing to get her out of cocoon through that baby's birth!
My most loved scene is when Sandy comes to Karthik's house to give Singaravelar prasatham and following events which made them realising their love...


Chillzee : I can understand that :-) I know that a author is bound to like all characters in her story but out of curiosity, who is your most favorite character in EPMI?

Usha : Sandiya aka Sandy aka vallikkannu aka PEI & more (karthik will tell you rest ;) ).. I made my mind, to write the story about an Inspiring Girl and the entire story is around her character.


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# RE: Chillzee Featured - 10. Ushausha Amar 2014-04-24 19:42
Thank you Nanthini, Thenmozhi and Bala...
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# RE: Chillzee Featured - 10. UshaBala 2014-04-17 17:55
Ungala pathi therinjikkittathula happy usha mam..
Come back as soon as possible.. :-)
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# RE: Chillzee Featured - 10. UshaNanthini 2014-04-16 02:39
Nice conversation yaar (y)

Usha, whenever you feel like writing another series, come back to Chillzee ;-)

Take care and best of luck!
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# RE: Chillzee Featured - 10. UshaThenmozhi 2014-04-16 02:15
Good to know about you Usha :)

Good luck for your future madam :)
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