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Kids Fantasy Series - G & J - 04 - Shini


Things happened pretty quickly from then on!

G and J heard an ambulance screaming its way to their house.

Their dad was carefully lifted and taken to the ambulance in a stretcher.

“You can also accompany him, Mrs Sharpe” said Petrrey, the strange looking man.

“Sure Mr. Petrrey, I will join them in a minute” said Rachael and rushed to get her things.

Grace and Jess followed their mom in a hurry.

“Mom, can we also come with you?” Grace asked in a pleading tone.

Rachael looked at her doubtfully.

“I am not sure about that Grace! Please stay at home and take care of your brother. I will go to hospital, make sure everything is fine and then come back” said Rachael in a soothing voice.

This is one of the reasons why Grace adored her mom. She seldom loses her temper.

“But mom, who will take care of dad if you leave him alone in hospital” asked Jess doubtfully.

“I need to think and plan for all those things J. For now, let me go along with your daddy” said Rachael

Both the kids looked sad as they didn't want to stay away from their parents.

Rachael hugged them softly and said,

“I promise, I will be back soon”

Her hug and tone reassured them. But still they both clung closer to her.

“G, J! Think about the golden days we will have when your dad returns home as a healthy man” said Rachael trying hard to convince her kids.

But she failed miserably. Grace and Jess looked at each other worriedly.

“Mom, I am scared!” said Jess.

“Why is my little man behaving like this? Remember what your dad always says?”

Rachael lifted Jess’s face. Jess halfheartedly looked at her.

“Never lose hope. Be brave and honest and...?” Racheal looked at her kids questioningly.

“…everything will fall in place” said Grace completing the phrase for her.

“Don’t worry mom. You take care of dad and I will take good care of little J” said Grace in a comforting tone.

“I am not little J. I am six, and I am a boy” shouted Jess in disagreement.

“Oh really! Then who was the one who was hugging mom and crying a few seconds back?” teased Grace.

“I just want to be with my mom and dad. That doesn’t make me a baby” replied Jess.

“Oh my little baby bro!!!” teased Grace again.

“Grace, stop that! I am big enough to even take care of you” screamed Jess.

“Really? Let us see that then! Can you wave good bye to mom and stay with me and take care of me?” asked Grace in a challenging tone.

“Why not? I will do that” said Jess bravely.

Racheal was relieved to see Jess’s change of heart. She looked at her elder daughter appreciating.

Grace just smiled back at her mother and said, “Mom, since Jess is here to take care of me, you please don’t worry about us and take good care of dad.”

“Sure, G. Let me go and check with Mr. Petrrey if he can help me in keeping you both safe” said Racheal thoughtfully.

Once Racheal left the room, Grace looked at her brother and said,

“Mr. Petrrey… That’s a very odd name”

“Yes it is. I think that is one of Joy’s friends” exclaimed Jess.

“But how can she have a human friend?” asked Grace.

“I don’t know. Maybe he is not human”

The siblings looked at each other.

“Jess, I think we need to make sure that this Joy’s work. Otherwise, we might end up in trouble”

“You are right Grace. But how can we find that out?” asked Jess doubtfully.

“Let us talk to him and find out. Come with me” said Grace and started walking towards the living room.

Jess also joined her.

When they both reached the living room, Mr. Petrrey was assuring their mother that he will arrange someone to take care of her kids while she stays in hospital.

As the kids entered the room, Mr. Petrrey took notice of them.

The tall old man looked at them keenly and adjusted his weird looking oval shaped glasses.

“I hope you are Grace and Jess! I am happy to meet you G and J” said Mr. Petrrey in a very odd manner.

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