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Kids Fantasy Series - G & J - 06 - Shini


Grace and Jess looked around them in awe.

It looked just like the normal human world.

There were trees, plants, sky, and ground. Everything looked very similar.

But they could feel something new. It felt as if they are safe!

The environment was making them feel relaxed and cheerful.

“I have a tickling feel” whispered Jess into his sister’s ears.

“Me too” replied Grace.

Suddenly there was a loud trumpet sound.

“They have seen us! Our people are coming to welcome you both” said Joy in an amused tone.

Grace and Jess looked at the direction of the sound.

They could see animals, all sorts of animals.

Tens, no thousands, no millions of animals!

Very soon, they were surrounded by multitudes of animals.

No one uttered a single word but the animals themselves formed a disciplined spherical circles. The shorter animals were in the front while the taller ones were in the back.

“Wow!” wondered Grace, unable to hide her surprise.

She could remember her school, where all the students used to fight for their place in line. Every time the teacher had to shout to discipline them.

Grace looked around.

There were snakes, bats, birds, turtles, wild animals, domestic animals. Almost all the animals!

Jess went closer to his sister and almost hid behind her. He had no idea what he is up to.

But Grace was a bit courageous, she stood straight looking around to see the animals.

“It is like a mega, mega ZOO!” exclaimed Grace.

G&J - Joan Shrew

“No, no Arionians will take it as an insult… I presume you are G” said a voice.

Grace looked around to see to find out who spoke those words.

“Look down G” whispered Jamey.

Grace and Jess looked down.

There were many small animals. But there was one mouse like animal standing in front of every one.

He was not standing with others, so he might be their leader, thought Grace.

And, so she greeted him.

“Hello sir! It is nice meeting you. Yes, I am Grace.”

There was a slight giggle in the crowd.

“It is not sir, a madam G!” whispered Jamey.

“This is the Sorcerer Joan we told you about. She is an Etruscan shrew. And unlike other Shrews, she is alive for almost 2000 years” added Joy.

“What? 2000 years?” gasped Grace.

“Yes, she is 2000 plus years old”

“Wow!” wondered Grace and then turned to the small Shrew and said,

“Oh, please pardon me madam. It is very nice meeting you”

“I don’t get offended by that G. I am glad to see you again”

“Again? You know me?”

Even Joy and Jamey looked surprised.

Joan just smirked and said,

“You will come to know all about that very soon”

With that she made a simple gesture with her right hand fingers, and an elephant who was standing in the sidelines, rapidly came and bent near her.

Joan, swiftly climbed on top of the elephant.

“My dear Arionians, we have our saviors here” said Joan in a dramatic loud tone.

All the animals expressed their joy with their own sounds.

The sound was very loud that even the floor they were standing started to shake.

Jess clung to his sister. Grace patted softly on his shoulder to comfort him.

Joan continued her speech!

“Fear no more dear Arionians. We will defeat the Typhonions yet again!”

And the animals went berserk again! This time G and J were prepared for the vibration!

Joan looked at the kids and said,

“We, Arionians welcome you G and J! It is our privilege to see you in our world”

Grace smiled awkwardly while Jess just stood still. Joan turned back continued her speech.

“Let us give our saviors couple of days to relax before they start with their brave adventure. So, I don’t want any one of you to disturb them for the next couple of days”

All the animals shook their head in acceptance.

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  • good one Shini.<br /><br />Arion visit is awesome. Looking forward to visit Nuno :-)<br /><br />If possible add more description about the worlds and other stuff, so that we can visualize upto minute details :-)

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