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“OK, fine, then! Disperse!”

And that’s it, the animals started to move quietly.

“Wow, they are so orderly” exclaimed Grace

“Yes they are” accepted Jess.

G&J - Tom elephant

Joan climbed down from the elephant and came near the kids

“G and J, I would like to introduce you to my trusted accomplice, Tom” she said, pointing to the elephant.

Tom, the elephant put his trunk in front and the kids caught hold of it for a trunk — hand shake.

“Madam Joan, tell us about Typhon. Why do you think we can defeat them? Do they know us too?”

“No G, Typhonians are not as knowledgeable or scientifically progressive as Arion. They don’t even know about the human world”

“Oh!” gasped Grace.

“Yes! But I want you kids to relax for couple of days. Tom will take you both to Nuno, the baby’s world for a vacation. Once you come back we will talk about Typhon”

G and J accepted to the plan.

Tom immediately bent down for the kids to climb on him.

Before climbing on the elephant, the kids looked at Jamey and Joy.

The rodents waved good bye to them happily.

The siblings also waved back and climbed on top of the mammoth creature.

Once they are up, the elephant got up very slowly as if not to disturb his patrons.

He looked at Joan, bent his head as if saluting her and then took out peTraPort, the pen in his trunk! The same fancy look-like pen that Jamey and Joy used to bring them here.

“Her highness peTraPort, take us to Nuno, the world of babies” said Tom.

To be continued...

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  • good one Shini.<br /><br />Arion visit is awesome. Looking forward to visit Nuno :-)<br /><br />If possible add more description about the worlds and other stuff, so that we can visualize upto minute details :-)

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