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Jane moved closer to Sam and kissed him not allowing to mutter any nonsense,

What you said before,asked Sam

Before what?

Before we kissed,

Oh no only now we kissed for the first time,

Please don’t change the topic,tell me what you called me now,is it a bad word?

You,”MADRASCALCUTTA”,it is not a bad word,

I called you….,I hope you wont get angry,


You called me dog in hindi cutta,saying this Sam once again moved close and kissed Jane with slight bite,

Now you prove you are a mad dog,saying this Jane runs away from his house,

Now today MAY DAY 2019

Sam is now a business magnet and not married,his mother died after some years when he left her alone

and went to Bombay seeking job,and learned many business tecnics,and began own business and earned in lakhs and crores,while he heard Jane has married someone and lives her life.

Today Sam had come to inaugurate the new building of this Girls higher secondary school in which

Jane”s daughter is studying tenth class.

Jane not knowing this comes with her daughter for the school function and really feels proud and shame,proud of Sam’s victory and shame that she had left him and married someone.

While giving a speech and giving out prices for the students,Sam sees Jane with her daughter,and not  knowing what to do he stammers on the stage with guddiness and falls down,

Jane rushes to the stage and holds Sam on her lap,they sprinkle some water and get him to drink soda,while drinking soda,Sam says to Jane,now I will take leave for this MAY DAY,are you happy Jane?

His heads slips down on Jane’s lap,he is no more.


  • Ouch :sad: we must try our best to balance between work and personal life to feel the completeness in life.....anyway not as easy as I say facepalm nice story sir 👏👏👏 thank you and keep writing!! :GL:

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