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Rose and Thorn
Rose and Thorn

12. Rose and Thorn - Sandhya

Story so far…

Subha and Suji (a.k.a) Sujatha are best friends. They both hail from a village and are currently staying at Chennai with loads of dreams for their future.

Sujatha a CA aspirant is currently working for an orphanage. The orphanage owes a huge amount of money to Baskar a heartless business man.

Subha an MBA aspirant herself, offers to help Sujatha to negotiate a deal with Baskar.

Baskar, who’s also a rude boss, almost blackmails Subha to work for him free in return to offering one year time for the orphanage to return the money. Though reluctant, Subha accepts the deal to help her friend.

Working under Baskar makes life very difficult for Subha until she accidentally meets his parents and sister. And curiously Baskar apologizes to Subha for behaving rudely in front of his father.

This triggers Subha to start investigating on Baskar’s odd behavior.

Subha starts collecting more information about Baskar. She also confronts his father Murthy and accuses him of not disciplining his son.

A shocked Murthy starts to share the past with her.

So, what is the reason behind Baskar’s ruthless behavior? Read the story from here to find it out yourself.


Other characters:

Sarathy – Baskar’s manager who helps Subha.

Jaya – Head of “Angel home” (the Orphanage)

Bharath – Subha’s friend and has a soft corner for Sujatha

Murthy – Baskar’s father

Shoba – Baskar’s mother

Bavi – Baskar’s younger sister who uses a wheel chair


Now you can read the story from here and join our old readers!




  • Waited a long time to read the update but sad to read the FB 😔 could now connect why boss is a sidumunji officer :D anyway hope subha will bring the required change in baskar and bavi :yes: nice update ma'am 👏👏👏 look forward to see what happens next. Thank you.

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