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Rose and Thorn
Rose and Thorn

We were just another happy family. Shoba and I had everything. Abundant money, good kids, well-placed investments and a few nice performing companies. Both Baskar and Bavi used to be cool kids.”

“What happened sir?” asked Subha unable to hide her curiosity.

“Once on my way from a long trip, my car broke down. I met a man named Anant who was in shambles, but he helped me. So, I offered to help him. He said he has a family to care for. I offered him a domestic job in my home. He seemed to be a nice person, worked hard and earned our confidence. But then he back stabbed us all”

Murthy let out a sigh in frustration.

“Bavi’s marriage was arranged then. We bought her new jewels. There was excess cash than usual. One day we had a home break-in. Baskar and I were not at home at that time. Only Shoba and Bavi were there. It was Anant who led the robbers. When Bavi came on their way, he shot her. The bullet hit her spinal cord and since then she has been like this”

“I am sorry sir” said Subha earnestly. She felt bad for Bavi.

“Police investigated and found that Anant was indeed a poor man, but he became greedy looking at our wealth. My family’s kindness and trust had led us to this disaster. But that was not all.

At that time in a way, we were happy that Bavi was alive. I was sure that I could make her walk again somehow. Bavi’s fiancé was Baskar’s associate. Baskar has helped him multiple times both financially and professionally. But you know what he said?”

Subha just stared at Murthy.

“He said, he can’t spoil his life with a cripple! Those words had tremendous impact on all of us. It’s as if everything in the world is bad. I can safely tell you, we had never done anything wrong knowingly or unknowingly, then why should these types of thing happen to us? Even before we could come out of this shock, Bavi tried to commit suicide. She drank rat poison, luckily Baskar found her on


  • Waited a long time to read the update but sad to read the FB 😔 could now connect why boss is a sidumunji officer :D anyway hope subha will bring the required change in baskar and bavi :yes: nice update ma'am 👏👏👏 look forward to see what happens next. Thank you.

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