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Rose and Thorn
Rose and Thorn

time. Medics saved her, but that did it for us. It was my decision to move here. At first Baskar was not interested in taking over this consulting firm. But I wanted him to do something.”

“What about Bavi’s treatment sir? Are there any complications?”

“Yes, she has a rare blood group call RH Null. There are only a handful of people with that blood group in this world and there are only 10 registered blood donors. Her surgery is very complicated and requires a lot of blood. So the donor should be young. But all those registered people are in upper 40s. Without a blood donor we can’t do anything”

“I am sorry sir”

“Never mind. And, to answer your first question, I tried to be a good father but fate had other plans. My kids now believe being kind and showing empathy are evil. In a way I don’t blame them for that”

“I am sorry to have rekindled all those bad memories’ sir”

“It never fades away from my thoughts. I wish I was there when the break in happened. I wish I was the one with the bullet and not Bavi.”

“It was not your fault sir”

“I know, but I couldn’t help thinking about it. I believe it is the same thing with Baskar too.”

“I can understand sir, and I am sorry for talking to you that way. It was very rude of me”

“We all make that mistake. Everyone has their own problems, and we don’t see it”

Bharath arrived there and honked from his car.

“My friend is here sir. I should leave now” said Subha politely.

“Yes, I know. Be careful and ride safe” said Murthy with his old composure.

While riding back home, Subha’s mind was filled with lot of emotions. For the first time she could see some logical reason behind Baskar’s behavior.

Still, it is not correct on his part to behave this way. If he is a good man, his real self should overcome this.

I should be the stimulant to do that, she decided.

To be continued...

Episode # 11

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  • Waited a long time to read the update but sad to read the FB 😔 could now connect why boss is a sidumunji officer :D anyway hope subha will bring the required change in baskar and bavi :yes: nice update ma'am 👏👏👏 look forward to see what happens next. Thank you.

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