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Short Story - Spin to YOUR Rhythm - Act 5 - Adharv

Love ring

“Best Friends for life….Husband and Wife”

Getti Melam Getti Melam (Still hunting for exact translation…lol…Here I go)

Just Beat it, Just Beat it

Just Beat it, Just Beat it

They’re out to get you, better leave while you can….. Just Beat it, Just Beat it                                                   

Pandit Ji!! Stop it.

What??? (Pandit Ji, do not panic do what she says, just stop it)

I am not interested in this wedding.


Maaa, please………..

Mr. Gautam, what is that your daughter blabbering???  


Uncle, please forgive me…...I know this is not the right time to say this but if I stay still anymore I will quill Jeevan’s life along with mine. I was blindly ready to join hands with Jeevan but I am not the right fit for him, Uncle…     

Daddy my dreams are different. I want to be one among the best Entrepreneurs and help our backward communities to come up in life. I accepted this wedding proposal solely for mom and your happiness.. But when I think about this holey thread going to be tied around my neck…. I feel suffocated & going against my heart.

Mummy always says “Life is a onetime offer use it well”. I want to follow my heart, Daddy. I want to leave for my dreams. I have never dreamt about my wedding. I shall definitely get married but not now. I can’t quell my dreams for my personal wellbeing.

Jeevan is a Gem of a person. I know it is really hard to find someone like him. But you know dad I can’t……….

Satya, you want to forgo everything because of your career??

Not at all daddy, I want to focus on my dreams. As said earlier I will get married but not now.

But Satya we can’t find a well-groomed groom like Jeevan.  Why don’t you marry him and focus on your dreams?? Definitely he will be there with you & you…………

Uncle please, Satya is smart enough to decide about her life…Her ambitions are worth to be considered. I am not feeling bad about this day. Don’t force her…We can end this here. I’ll talk to dad & mom. (Satya, I think you are missing a real Gem)

Sorry, Jeevan. Daddy said you have 70% share in the wedding expenses...Er..You don’t have to pay for anything I owe 100%..... Jeevan, let you be blessed with the best soul mate, saying this I step down from here. (Jeevan escaped….Hamen Paartee thena  bhaee)         

Pch….C’mon Satya. Wish you all success and may all your dreams come…………

Hello Uncles and Aunties oh I am sorry Gossiping uncles and Gossiping aunties, god sake stop your animated moves and OVER imaginative brains. (Yeva avaa?? Sorry yeva avanga).

I am just wondering how flawless we are when it comes to gossiping. Hats off!! Satya, clearly expressed herself, we know it is a wrong timing but it is never too late. Instead of standing for divorce, stopping it here is a cool idea…Accept it. Sometimes we think we are on track but only in the neck moment we will realize we are not.….

Instead of worrying about failures after writing the exams why don’t we prepare ourselves to get a pass mark?? (logic engyo idikidhey, hmmm)

I could hear some saying….sorry sorry gossiping who will marry a bride who wrecks her wedding… 

Mmmm appreciate your concerns…….shall I say an idea. “If we all forget this incident right here and wish her whole heartedly definitely she will be blessed with a happy life” In short stop passing your gossips and free advertisements when you head out of this hall.

So what is the solution for the groom??? (Uncle, Don’t you know the rules of our Society?? all the rules and regulations are only for the brides not for grooms)

Uncle, same applies to the groom as well. But still if you weren’t busy in your gossips you would have heard Satya and Gautam uncle certifying Mr. Jeevan.

So you mean to sa………….

Wait uncle Ji…I found him…Yes…If Mr. Jeevan is fine I would like to MARRY this gentleman!! For sure it is not out of sympathy or empathy (Apadi podunga)

What do you know about this person….???

Oh uncle I think you were the one who was so very busy in gossiping….(I too think so)

I am not a Dumbo to choose my partner blindly. If arranged marriages can be decided in 10 minutes, Love marriages can breakup in a year……… why can’t I choose my life partner in 30 minutes? (Logic??? Head scratching smiley)

I don’t call it as love at first sight. I like him. Not just coz of the conduct certificate given by Satya and Gautam uncle…Sometimes the unspoken words make a better impact.

If it was not Jeevan I know what would have been the plight of Satya’s parent’s at this point……     


  • Good story Adharv jo........ :clap: <br />Jeevan and Vidya love ok :-) <br />y satya first acepted for the marriage? then stop in between marriage? :Q:
  • Chance illa ma,ippadi yellam write panna unnaladhan mudiyum.paavam Mr.Jeevan,thaali katradhuku munnadhi konjamae konjam thoonkitu iruntha avar braina wake up panni irukalam!enna seiya? Vidhi valiyathu! Adhima mulamaa Vidhya roobhathula vanthu cricket play pannuthu! Ippadi oru wife kidaika avar enna pannaro?godku thaan theriyum...funny as well as groomukum marriage ninu ponal varum depression azagha sollita.bracketla & bold marksla vandha words simply super.<br />Ending lines nalla irunthathu...<br />Let's see ,futurla ennavellam Mrs.Jeevanala Msr.Vidyaku nadaka poothunu avaallaa waiting...super dear.Write more...
  • Thank you, Ma'am. I note your suggestion :thnkx: I will try to avoid it in the next act. Kandipa-van sollamudiyadhu but try panuren :) Still in the learning sphere.
  • Cute story adharv... (y) <br />Gud narration... :roll:<br />Vidhya kku knjam intro kodutharukalam...antha edam mattum lyt a puriyala...<br />Waitin fr ur nxt act...
  • :D thanks for your lovely comment...Kacha kacha-na ma'am :Q: kalyanam nalunale kacha kacha thaa appadi illana entertainment illaye :grin: <br /><br />Yes ma'am amazon deliver paninaga ena konjam selvau achi...Oru thara impress pana idhu kudava panakuadhu adhu :P Naa ellam lorry lorry ya gift varavaippen Ma'am ;-) <br /><br />what is that guys mattum thaa pananuma....Girls rock ma'am :dance: :eek: :eek: Jeevan pattriya confidential matter ippadi leak panitingale facepalm :thnkx:
  • wow Adharv ... herova heroine kapathuvangala . :D <br />.diff concept ... Smiley's nalla irukku .. <br />Vid & jeevan pechu semma :lol: <br />Super story ..pinreenga (y)
  • Very entertaining story Adharv (y)<br /><br />It was a different concept... Poduva marriage anniku etum prachnayaala mrg ninnu pona aangal taan ponnai marriage senjuka mun varuvanga ...itu apdiye uldaa :P<br /><br />But Vidya intro kodutrukalaam...kacha kachaanu ore dialougues ...so first page purinjuka konjam time edutuchu :)<br /><br />Different smileys recommendations smile seyya vachatu...<br /> :cool: <br />Hero kadaisila ivlo romantic aaidaare Amazon la ivlo fast aa delivery kodukirangalaa :Q: anta scene romba pidichatu nice one.<br /><br /><br />Atu sari AIA Jeevan Ku marriage nu sonneenga ...inta hero en kidda ' naan avan illai' nu sollidaare...enna seyalaam ;-)
  • Wowwww super cute story Adharv :clap: <br />Epdi ipdi yosichinga :D Haha tat too vidya avanga kita blessings vaanga sonadhu..hahaha still am laughing :lol: <br />Aniyaayam pa :D <br />But both are lucky :-) <br />Very well written Adharv :-) <br />Guest performance too thandhutinga.. :lol: super ji (y) <br />Looking forward for ur next act ;-)
  • Wow tat was so cooool n lovely.... totally loved the comments within () Ur writing style s awesome Adharv :clap: totally enjoyed.... i was :D :grin: thorughout.. Keep writing more (y)
  • Cute story Adharv.<br /><br />To start with I was slightly distracted by the within '( )' content but got used to it as the story went on :-)<br />Guess that's your signature style (y)<br /><br />Marriages are made in heaven! Jeevan and Vidya's marriage proves it again.<br /><br />But poor Satya :-)

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