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Short Story - ONE DAY MATCH - Karthika

On June 5th 2012, early morning around 6 AM we reached Indira Gandhi International airport to board our passes to Amritsar. Collected the boarding passes and on our (me, mom and nana) way towards gate no: 8 and waited there until the plane reached the airport. Mom said lets have coffee, we got the coffee and was relaxing in the waiting hall.

Nana started “swathi maa it was too good na, been long time we came for a trip since you were busy with your collage and semester’s, did you have fun, did you like the places( delhi and agra), and especially the climate”…..

Mom interrupted “The north indian chat item was very spicy and totally different from our south indian dishes. The garam masala they use for all the dishes get me the recipes once we are back to Chennai will make each recipe a day”.

Me: Pani Puri… katchori… chenna potora…

Nana: ha ha….. I know you will talk about the food

Maa: It’s been 25 years obviously you should be able to catch my mind

Listening to their conversation with a smile closed my eyes leaning on the chair went to agra, to see the love Shaj had for Taj. As I entered Taj Mahal the only visual I had was the strong red heart beating for Taj. Even in that hot sun was able to feel the chillness of love. The strongest white marble in the shape of love build by a man for the love he had for his women. How can a man love a women this much, how they look like, the histories and geography’s has lots and lots of stories about them. Each story differ from another but the unique point in all the story is “Taj mahal was built by Shajahan for the love he had on Mumtaj” (Even though she is not his only one wife ;)). Is love true? Will a man express this much love on her women?

“Swathi. Swathiiii. Flight has come continue your sleep there” said mom. Plane arrived at the Amritsar airport we had a safe journey.

As soon as the plane landed in Amritsar nana called his friend sach singh (Punjabi) that we have reached the airport and it will take 15 mins to take our baggage’s and reach the entrance in the meanwhile he can come to pick up us. At the entrance saw nana waving his hand seeing to sach uncle. He supplies materials for our textile business. He introduced his friend another Punjabi uncle Mitta lal. He was little Motta (fat) in size came near nana gave a warm hug and said vanakkam to mom. When the word Hi uncle came from me he was able to recognize me even though it was the first time we met but spoken to him over phone a couple of times, “hello swathi”. How are you? Without leaving a gap he started telling “swathi is such a nice girl even though I mix English and Hindi she used to understand me well. She has very good memory power she always keeps track on the material count and the ideas she give for designing and marketing are excellent. Good work Swathi. You could have studied costume designing instead of engineering. Long way to go. Keep up the good work”. (I remembered Siruthai movie in tamil Karthi will look tall for Tamana eyes when others praises him, felt the same ;))

There was a voice heard in background coming towards us, Papa Kya ham Chale? (Shall we leave?). Hello uncle ji, by saying that he bend and touched nana knee getting blessing from him and also from mom. Mom and nana turned towards me and gave a sarcastic look (which means have you ever got blessings yourself? You will get blessings only on your birthday that too to get the pocket money, see this guy and learn). How can he bend these many times to get blessing that too from unknown person but still I liked their culture. Sach uncle introduced him that “he is my beloved son Harpreet Singh.” Before his introduction itself he made my parents to throw silent advice balls on me. Don’t know? what all I am going to face because of him. Look at that harbajan turban (cricketer) (konda in tamil) on his head. Don’t ever show me your face.

Mitta uncle went and bought the Innova car. Sach uncle drove the car nana took the front seat mom and I occupied the middle one, were mitti uncle and that konda took the back seat.

We reached hotel and got the room keys. sach uncle opened the room and placed our luggage’s in a table and said lets go to golden temple and then to wagah border that will be the outing plan for today.

Mitti uncle entered the room with sweets and started distributing to everyone and konda joined to distribute another box of sweets.

As I was enjoying the taste of sweet layer by layer konda came and gave another sweet to me, without looking at his face I shook my head with half sweet occupied in my mouth and refused to take while he forced me at least taste it take one . sach uncle interrupted and said swathi you should not refuse it eat well see how you are very lean…. I took one from the box he left and sat in the opposite sofa.

 I was dipped in the jeera of rasagullas stuffed with nuts and millk kova. As I licked the jeera flowing in the little finger noticed someone is looking at me. It was him, konda. I felt little awkward and blushed at him. He gave a soft smile in return were my eyes were dumbstruck.

 “swathiiiiiii…..( endi ipadi pana konjam achu arivu eruka poruppu edachu eruka pakathla ipadi oru paiyana vachukitu jeera sweet rmbhaa mukiyam…..hufffff…. aiyo aiyo paiyan nalla erukanae evana epadi evalo neram na pakama vittan….konda evalo nalla erupan nu enaku epadi teryum Lusu swathi nee)...”


  • semma twist :clap: .. Ena koduma saravanan ithu :grin: ..Nice narrative skill.. Keep it up (y) ...
  • Helloo Sir,<br /><br />If ur the author for 4 short stories which is already there, then thank you very much for inspiring me to write. :hatsoff:
  • @ all. Thank you everyone for ur precious time in reading my first story. . :thnkx: for all ur support. Feeling great that u all enjoyed. :)
  • Very cute and funny story. :clap: It may happen sometime in real life too :lol: Way of writing is awesome.. :grin: .Keep up the good work... Don't stop it here... we are looking forward yaar..... (y)
  • Good enjoyable story Karthika.<br /><br />The way you narrated the trip was awesome :-) Harp :-)<br /><br />Good one ji :)
  • Wow awesome balle balle :grin: wat a memorable trip... the description of Amritsar and wagha border reminded me of my own trip... Agra tajmahal first time Parkum pothu antha feel no words.... swati Konda moments wow wow... Tat bulb moment sema.... enjoyed reading the story thoroughly...
  • Hi Ma'am, One day Match ah?? One day match ye thaan :dance: :grin: :D no ball la kuda ippadi sixer adichi dhool kalakitinga Ji :D wow awesome it was super cool entertainer very cutely narrated, swati-oda mini chance-a illa pavam pulla ippadi bulb vanga vittutingale hahahah really funny yaar...and andha chinna payanukk irundhalum ivalo irukkakudadhu paa :D facepalm <br /><br />Vangaporadh bulb-n theriyama evalo imagination, make up, adhalayum andha send off expectation, Harp (hairpin) oda apperance description ena oru kodu ma..Kondai karanoda kodumai da hahah facepalm Swati ma god kitta vendikittinga illa ellam nalladhey nadakum nala vela oru kick vangama safe aitinga.....Makeup kittu brand mathuma swathi ma'am.... :D :P <br /><br /> :thnkx: for cute and funny story ma'am....It remind me abt my North trip rombha azhaga narrate seithu irukinga...Keep rocking. Looking forward for your next story... :GL:

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