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Chillzee WhatsApp Specials
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Chillzee WhatsApp Specials - Must Read for all women - Super Woman Syndrome

Super Woman Syndrome


After working in Hospital settings for 7 years, I recently started working with corporates as their Clinical psychologist. It's disheartening to say that almost 99.10% of women around us or even us are suffering from something called as 'Super Woman syndrome'. It might not be a life-threatening condition, but it is certainly peace threatening one!


So, what is it exactly? Juggling with household, your career, in-laws’ expectations, children, husband's wishes, society and putting more and more efforts for being perfectionist in everything brings an ocean of anxiety. The idea that fulfilling all of your roles and responsibilities to perfection will lead to happiness and balance is definitely not realistic, nor should it be. Superwoman Syndrome happens when a woman neglects herself as she is seeking to “do it all” to perfection and stretching herself to make her the last on her priority list.


Social upbringing plays a vital role in its emergence. We all are now open to accept well educated women who have achieved great roles in career and earning very well. But at the same time, society has its own say about what women should do, should say, should wear, should this and should that. There is a beautiful Marathi cinema called Umbaratha (उंबरठा) Starring marvelous Smita Patil. I urge you to watch this film that portrayed dilemma a working married woman goes through.


Who is more vulnerable?


Typically, mothers, wives, professionals, homemakers, sportswomen, leaders, community organisers, you, me, all of us!


What are the symptoms? Check if three or more are familiar from the following ...




2.Disturbed or excessive sleep

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