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Short Story - Life is a mind-game! - RaVai


My parents are quarrelling fiercely like two street-dogs, in the kitchen. My grandpa is happily solving his 'sudoku' puzzle! 

"Grandpa! Don't you hear the noise of fighting between my ma and pa for a long time? As though you are stone-deaf, you are happily solving the sudoku puzzle! Why don't you intervene and stop it?"

"My dear child! Why don't you do it?

"They wouldn't listen to me!"

"Exactly! For the same reason, I am also keeping myself away. You now understand?"

"No grandpa! As their parent and also a senior person, your words would carry weight......."

"My child! I am only a paperweight in this house......"

"No grandpa! You are evading...."

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"Listen to me! You and I know that difference of opinion or views can be thrashed out easily by sitting down calmly and discussing the issue threadbare, is it not?"

"Yes, grandpa! Both my parents are highly educated, experienced and knowledgeable! Why do they quarrel like this, I cann't understand. This house has become a fish-market! I am unable to concentrate on my studies in the midst of this noisy dog-fight."

" My child! It is nothing but ego that is preventing both from reaching an understanding smoothly through discussion. Listen! I shall tell you what normally happens. On any issue, there are many perceptions, views, opinions and standpoints! Not necessary that only one view is correct. Another also may be right, from a different perspective. What is required is admitting there can always be more than one correct understanding of the issue. To concede this basic truth, the two should shed their ego and develop mutual respect and acceptance of the other. ........"

"Grandpa! Why don't you go and tell this to them?"

"My Gosh! Do you know what will happen, if I go between them now? Both of them in one voice would stare at me and yell 'you don't know anything about this. Better keep aloof!' "

"Then what is the remedy?"

"You have to be patient for a while. See in a few minutes from now, what happens?"

The phone bell rang.

My dad picked up and listened for a while and suddenly cried aloud ' is it? Wonderful! How soon? Tomorrow? .....Today is a great day! ....yes, yes, she is also here. Let me give the receiver to her' and then my mom also spoke over the phone, ' we are extremely happy, excited and delighted to receive this news! .....sure, we will all be there certainly tomorrow. Convey our congrats to my sweet brother. Bye' and put down the receiver.

My mom hugged my dad and kissed him too.

"What a great news! Darling! Let us enjoy the day joyfully over a special lunch at the famous five-star restaurant. Come on!"

Both dad and mom came to us and told grandpa " As a senior member of the family you should join us tomorrow, attend the betrothal and bless my youngest brother for a happy married life!"

Both dad and mom astonishingly transformed themselves as soul-mates from the earlier posture as street-dogs!

I looked at grandpa! He was right!

"My child! It is all the play of mind. Believe me, we all live by our mind most of the time."



  • nice story sir கடைசி வரிகள் அருமை தமிழ்ல சிறுகதை எழுதி கலக்கிட்டீங்க இப்போ ஆங்கிலத்திலயுமா கலக்குங்க சார்<br />paperweight fish market dog fight street dogs idhu words edhukku?

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