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In Search of Love
In Search of Love

"That's true in a way..." Annie accepted with a smile.


Annie has a four-year-old son, and he is the apple of her eye. She keeps on talking about him... And of course, Pooja likes to hear about his adventures too.


But deep in her heart, Pooja used to wonder why her mother was different... Why did her mom hate her that much?


The same question has bugged her for a very long time. But she has not managed to get an answer yet.


She longed for affection all through her childhood and teen years... Then when she met Nikhil, and he showered so much affection on her, she became blind... Why is there no one to love her in this world? What mistake did she commit to have a life of hatred and betrayals?


Pooja knew that it was wasteful to think about it again.


She forcefully turned her attention towards the ever-charming nature. And pretty soon, she was lost in admiring Mother Nature, the only one who never says no to her...




The day went on fine... They all had a wonderful time at the park. Though it was supposed to be a study trip, the girls also managed to enjoy themselves. As always, Pooja also enjoyed the company of Annie.

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